Tory being a great football player. Yet, the

Tory loses the two battles. his loss in the past is inevitable since a larger power, called whites, controls and decides his lose and victory. Troy’s loss, here, is compulsory. While his loss in the present is optional. It is much more painful because he chooses this loss when he decides to build fences separating Cory’s words indicate much more than the fact that Troy represents a physical obstruction in Cory’s way. Troy also represents a psychological barrier that has hindered Cory’s ambition of being a great football player.

Yet, the son walks over his father who finds such an act to be disrespectable, and the tow begin a verbal war that turns to be a physical one. The weapon that is used in this battle is Troy’s bat. It is the bat Troy used in his battle with racism when he was a baseball player in the past. Now, he uses the same bat, but this time, this weapon is used against his own son. Cory, on the other hand, uses his hands; he grabs his father from behind, and punches

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