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Toying with Success: The McFarlane CompaniesNameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Toying with Success: The McFarlane CompaniesWhat Personality Traits Do Leaders Like Todd Mcfarlane Possess That Distinguish Them From Other Individuals?Todd McFarlane who is the president and CEO of the McFarlane Companies is a leader who understands the importance of innovation as one of the traits of a successful leader (Northouse, 2013). This is seen in his creativity in the development of different products. McFarlane pursued another interest after his dream of becoming a baseball player encountered some setbacks, which led to McFarlane not to achieve this dream (McFarlane et al., 2014).

McFarlane is also persistent and courageous which is seen when he does not give up even after many entrepreneurs rejected his sketches (McFarlane et al., 2014).The leader sent his sketches to prospective employers who rejected the sketches, which did not kill his dream of being a comic book artist. His efforts finally paid out after he got a job in Marvel Comics where he persisted until he became the highest paid comic book artist in 1990 (McFarlane et al., 2014). McFarlane was determined to achieve what he desired by taking risks, which is seen when he quit his job to start his own company with other six artists, which led to his success. Taking risks enabled McFarlane to achieve his goals and dreams regardless of what obstacles and challenges came his way (Northouse, 2013).How Have Global Competition And Technology Advances Changed Business Conditions And Leadership Challenges?Global competition and technology advances have impacted organizations in different aspects which include changes in business environments which influence other organizations in their leadership approaches (Warren, 2017).

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Leaders must implement strategies to improve the quality of their products, which will help the organizations to gain a competitive advantage over other competing organizations. This may affect the organization’s revenues, which may impact the organization in achieving its goals and objectives (Warren, 2017). Global competition has also changed how organizations operate where organizations are required to implement new and different operation strategies. The business world keeps on advancing which requires leaders to be adequately prepared to implement new changes, which may pose challenges to the leaders (Warren, 2017). Leaders are faced with the challenge of conducting adequate research advances, which are aimed at helping the leaders to anticipate new changes due to technology advances (Warren, 2017). This is because leaders face certain barriers in preparing for anticipated changes, which may include financial challenges, as well as implementing changes into their organizations, which may be difficult to implement (Warren, 2017). Global competition may negatively impact an organization in certain aspects which include revenue collection and missed opportunities.

A leader should be creative in implementing effective strategies to have a competitive advantage over other organizations in the market (Warren, 2017). Technology is becoming a backbone of organizations in preparing for the future. This makes it important for leaders to make important changes in their organizations in adopting current technology advances (Warren, 2017). ConclusionLeaders play important roles in an organization and their actions positively or negatively impact an organization efforts in achieving its goals and objectives.

It is important for leaders to prepare adequately in implementing effective measures to address any changes, which may negatively impact their organizations (Northouse, 2013). For this to be achieved, leaders should posses certain leadership traits, which have been attributed to successful leaders. McFarlane possessed important leadership traits, which helped him in becoming successful in chasing after his dreams (Northouse, 2013). If McFarlane lacked these important leadership traits, he would not have been able to achieve his success.

All leaders have common goals of achieving organization’s goals and objectives. However, not all leaders are successful in their roles due to the differences in their leadership traits, which impact their roles in an organization (Northouse, 2013). ReferencesMcFarlane, T., Holguin, B., Capullo, G., & Miki, D.

(2014). Spawn collection: Volume 4. Berkeley: Image Comics.Northouse, P. G. (2013).

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