Traffic jam is the situation

Traffic jam is the situation in which the people are unable to travel on the road due to over-crowding with the appropriate speed. Traffic jam can result in the accidents and the traffic congestions. There are some solutions through which the issues of the traffic jam in Kuwait can be solved:The first solution for reducing the traffic jam in Kuwait is to use to the public transport rather than the private transport. This will decrease the traffic jam in the country because people will not travel alone but with the other people in the public transport. The government can increase the fuel prices in Kuwait in order to encourage people to start using the public transport. In the public transport, the fare gets divided among the people who are traveling in the public transport. Traffic police can also help in reducing the traffic congestion on the roads.

Citizens must be made the law-abiding by enforcing the laws and punishing them on the violation of the traffic rules. Road cameras can also help in making the city safe for the smooth flow of traffic.

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