TransAct and worked with the manager’s to

TransAct Insurance Company (TIC) is an automobile insurance company that provides insurance to customers in the Southeastern states. The board of directors hired a new president to improve the company’s competitive advantage and improve customer service. After assessing the situation he made some adjustments at the vice president level, which included replacing three vice presidents and hiring Jim Leon as vice president of claims (McShane ; Glinow, 2013). Jim, the new acting vice president, immediately jumped into action and visited their 50 claims centers and met with all the claims managers and directors. He uncovered some areas of concern with employee-manager relations. The morale was low and seemed to be due to the Jim and the new president discussed the situation and decided to commit to improving morale and supervisory leadership. His first change was to announce an open door policy for employees to approach him with matters they didn’t want to address with their supervisor, he also was able to overcome barriers within the company and form a flex-time program for A monument change that Jim was able to implement was the Claims Management Credo that outlined leadership styles he felt every claims manager should follow. He presented a list of the philosophies and actions of effective managers and worked with the manager’s to fine tune the list and condensed it down to 10 items. He then announced that he would conduct an annual


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