Transfer- first transfer from that cycle, we

Transfer- (FET) frozen embryo transfer is a cycle where the frozen embryo from a previous IVF cycle is defrosted and put back into a woman’s uterus. This means woman won’t have to endure another cycle of hormone stimulation and an egg collection.

Frozen embryo cycles can be undertaken on your natural cycle or using hormone preparation, or ovulation induction.Why freeze the embryo? – Sometimes during an IVF cycle, we’ll be able to create more than one embryo. We’ll usually recommend transferring one, and freezing the others. This is due to the serious risks associated with multiple pregnancies if you transfer more than one embryo at a time.What are the Benefits of frozen embryos? – Embryo freezing gives you more opportunities for a pregnancy for each hormone stimulation cycle and egg collection. If you do not become pregnant from the first transfer from that cycle, we can transfer a frozen embryo during a frozen embryo transfer cycle.This means you won’t have to undergo another hormone stimulation cycle and egg collection.

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Success rates- without frozen embryos and with frozen embryos.Where are the frozen embryos stored? – the embryos are stored at any IVF facility in Australia they will stay there until you decide what you would like to do with them: use it, discard it or donate the embryos away.How are the embryos frozen? – Embryos can be frozen from Day 2 the four cell stage to Day 5 the Blastocyst. The embryos are placed in plastic straws which are sealed at both ends, labelled with your name and identification number. Once everything is good to go they then go into a freezing machine where the temperature is -150° C, a process then starts called vitrification. The straws are placed in goblets, and put into tanks filled with liquid nitrogen, which keeps the temperature at -196° C.What to do with the left-over embryos? – once you have no further use for your frozen embryos, you can decide to freeze them and let them regress naturally or to donate them to scientific research or donate them to someone who is unable to conceive a child.


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