Transitions react to these events. If an individual

Transitions and significant life events can have an on effect on the physical health or psychological and mental wellbeing of an individual depending on how they react to these events. If an individual understands and accepts these transitions and major significant changes, they can develop the resilience needed to cope. The ability to cope and being a master over their own life can give the individual a certain satisfaction and improve their well being. This individual is able to move forward .

Another individual may not have the capability to understand and accept the changes, and may therefore be left feeling powerless and helpless, with no tools and strategies to help him to work through the changes. The feeling of lack of control over their own life can have a negative effect on the individuals wellbeing, leaving them stuck and unable to move forward. This is particularly so if the individual has a cognitive condition that affects their ability to have insight into their situation or condition.

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