Trash, poverty faces a lot of danger, hardship

Trash, Witten by Andy mulligan is about a three young boy in an unnamed 3rd would country being chased by the police after finding a small bag container valuable contents. Some find themselves on the run cracking codes, clues. Reading about poverty, corruption, injustice and friendship.People in poverty faces a lot of danger, hardship and disease on a regular day to day life. Andy mulligans novel trash reveals that people in poverty struggle to find the basic resources such as water food, shelter and family.

Andy mulligan uses the town of Belhala garbage dump as the main setting of where the three boys come from in a quote that Raphael uses “most people live in box stacked tall and high” referring that they don’t have much money or funds to create or build proper homes. Another example of their life is in first page Raphael introduce himself as a dumpsite boy “my name is Raphael Fernandez and I am a dumpsite boy” stating that he digs through the trash to live and survive. The way Andy mulligan portrayed this is a good example of poverty creating a description of where they live describing there homes and there way of life In the book he uses the effect on poverty on one of the main character really well known as rat or Jun-Jun. Andy mulligan explores the tragedy of rats situation, in the book Raphael describes his sorrow of rats life by describing his home” a hole in a trash pile” he quotes ” I wouldn’t live there for a start it was damp and dark” using alliteration and dark imagery to show Raphael sorrow for rat using only rodents as company and sleep in a time ticking mountain of garbage to crush him at any moment.

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