Trees, Deforestation gravely affects the lives of

Trees, how important are they to our environment and how do they affect our lives? Trees provide us with the oxygen we need, removes carbon dioxide, filters the sun’s radiant energy, keeping hot summers just a bit cooler, and their roots help fight soil erosion.Trees do so much for us and what do we do in return? We cut them down, leading to Deforestation, one of the major environmental problems we face today..

With the increasing amount of illegal logging and forest conversion all around, soon enough, all the beautiful forests we see will all be gone. The photo above was taken at H. Abellana St, Canduman, Mandaue City, just at the right side the Magis Eagles Arena if you are facing it. The area it is located at is by the road, with soil containing dead roots, lots of cut down trees, dried out leaves, and is by the road on top of a large,cemented, and elevated area. Agriculture is believed to be a large contributor to deforestation because of “Forest Conversion”. An example of “Forest Conversion” is cutting down the trees, removing their roots, removing natural forests in order to meet land needs like creating plantations, farms, etc.

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Deforestation gravely affects the lives of humans in a way that its absence contributes to climate change.


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