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Triangular slave trade was between the Americas, West Indies, Africa, and Europe. Slaves were taken and sold to other countries in slave auction for other goods. These included rum, meats, clothes, guns, spices, etc. This started after Africa has a conflict with the Europeans. They took Africa from everything they owned. Europeans used the slaves or captives that they took for trade to obtain more goods for their profit. Around 11 million people were forced to travel the middle passage to the new world. With this happening Africa went into poverty and were underdeveloped. While europe was taking its citizens and resources it left Africa economically hurt. This helped America because they needed labourers for the products they needed to live. Paying workers cost too much so they travelled to Africa because they knew they could get the captives there fo a cheap price. As this was an easy way to trade their goods for captive labourers to keep producing more and more goods. Which this led to more captives being bought and taken over leading to more products being produced.

Some of the Africans were captured anywhere from upto one hundred miles away. They would invade their camps and would threaten to kill anyone who did not listen to their orders. The captives were forced to walk from where they were to where they would be held. They walked with their hands tied behind them while connected to wooded yolks. MAny families were split up during this trade. The sailors took forever to find their captives because they would sail the coast looking for the least expensive but most fit hardest working slave to take back with them. The slaves were packed to the brim in huge ships. Many captives and other Africans that had no been captured would rebel against the ships and cause violence because they did not want to leave and do vigorous work. While that was in Africa, in the West Indies those captives were sold to the highest bidder in the auctions. These slaves were taken back and work on the plantations for nothing. When they didn’t do something the way their master told them too they would be punished very harshly. Many of them refused to do their work which led to disciplinary punishments. Some slaves took their lives and The women would abort their kids because they did not want to bring them up in those conditions. They came up with many plans to not work. As being sick or breaking tools so they were unable to work. Whenever they had the chance many ran to other places and countries for freedom of the captivity. With what the Africans made the sailors would take it to england to sell of more slaves.

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In the Americas the slaves were prepared to be sold. They put on palm oil to had the skin problems that the had. The planters or people they were sold to immediately took away their identity and everything they knew. When they were cold they were separated from each other. They made the Africans adapt to a new way of work and life on their plantations. During this time they learned new languages, customs, way of work, and how to live. Many captives died because of the experience of the voyage and it was just too overwhelming causing many to die or commit suicide. In America there were different types of plantations but the main one slaves went to was the sugar plantation. This needed the slaves because this was one main trading product they used. At this time for America the colonies just settled and needed slaves or someone to do all the hard work so they didn’t have too.

Europeans set out to Africa to not buy goods but people but exchanging goods. The travel to the Americas was about six to eight weeks long. When they got there they were sold and became slaves. When the ships returned back to England they had rice, sugar, tobacco, coffee, clothes, and more. Which all of this was made with the slaves labour. The slaves worked in the fields and boiling houses, they had to do all this constantly through their day, their whole lives in order to supplying the enormous amount of work that was needed to produce sugar. The Europeans despised the work needed to make the sugar therefore they looked for a new source of labour and found the slaves in Africa. They were a cheap and easy way for the to get work done. Suga became a dominant part of industry. As the demand for sugar rapidly increased and as more people came over that led to there being more plantations which the needed more slaves to fill the sugar factories and fields. Where the colonies produced a surplus of sugar, you would see huge amounts of slaves being imported back from being exchanged for sugar. Around 4 million slaves were brought from Africa and a majority of them were placed on sugar plantations. Manufactured goods were exchanged to the West Africa coast for the slaves. Rum, sugar, and molasses were sent overseas to England.

Before England invaded Africa that had many trading ports all places around the coast, which turned into slaves ports later. They had fever that killed off any white man trying to get into Africa. While European explorers travelled down the Nile river and then the Niger they found the real riches of Africa, ivory, gold, diamonds, emeralds, copper. English Entrepreneurs saw that instead of buying crops from their villagers that they could set up plantations and use cheap labour to run them. Africa was a very rich country in minerals and supplies. The problem they had was that they were not very mature in running their country so England owned some of it. After a while Europeans saw everything they had and saw how easy it would be to take over their country and call it their own. So they took over everyone living there and made them work also, taking many resources. This what help them since they were going through the industrial revolution. This event taking place was the scramble for africa where many countries went in Africa taking it over.
Around the eighteenth and nineteenth century every hated the triangular trade ad called for a end. In the southern states everyone wanted to keep their slaves to do their work so they didn’t have too. But in the northern states that it was wrong for all the black people to be kept as captives and to do all the hard word. This disputed let to what is known as the civil war. In which the northerners won the war to completely abolish slavery. By then everyone felt guilt and realized that it was not fair. Even after it came to an end people were still racist towards the blacks and didn’t give them the writes that the whites had and left everything separated from the whites and the coloured.


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