Trust- develops from consistent actions that show

Trust- develops from consistent actions that show colleagues you are reliable, cooperative and committed to team success. A sense of confidence in the workplace better allow employees to work together for a common goal.

Remaining honest with employees about both positive and negative aspects of the business builds trust. The Management team are also expected to maintain the same level of honesty with the employees. This sense of integrity makes employees and colleagues more trusting of your actions. Involve all staff in achieving company goals. Be transparent with your company’s mission and goals so all staff feel they are a valuable part of obtaining those objectives.

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Staff who feel management values them are more likely to instil trust in those leaders. Create a team environment through collaborative work. Emphasize group achievements to show you are aware and proud of your employees and their successes. Value all input from your employees.Encourage staff at all levels to share their ideas for improving the company and listen with as open mind even if you don’t ultimately choose to follow a suggestion made by an employee.Accountability- managers who involve employees in setting goals and expectations find that employees understand expectations better, are more confident that they can achieve those expectations, and perform at a higher level.

Positive results also occur when employees don’t associate accountability only with negative consequences. If employees do not fear failure, if managers recognize employees for their accomplishments, and if managers support their employees when goals become difficult, employees are more likely to be creative, innovative and committed to their work. Managers can practice accountability for work. Managers can practice accountability for positive results by following good performance management principles such as: involving staff in setting clear, challenging yet attainable goals and objectives, and give them the authority to accomplish those goals; support staff in all aspect of the job; monitor progress towards goals, and provide feed-back that includes credible, useful performance measures; provide the training and resources that staff need to do work; and give praise to good performance, both formally and informally.Organizations that have trust and accountability among employees are usually successful, this can only take place when top management sets the example and then builds that example into every section and unit of the organization. To develop and maintain trust and accountability within a team, you first have to create it by doing the following:-establish and maintain integrity, which is the foundation of trust in any organization.

Integrity must begin from the top and move down. This means, among other things keeping promises, and always telling the truth, no matter how difficult it might be. This will make people believe in the organization.-communicating the organization’s vision and values is important, because it defines where the organization is going and the methods for getting there are established.

-consider all employees as equal partners, where the newest employee or the lowest paid feels important and part of the team. This begins with management not being aloof, but getting out and meeting workers. This should be followed by leaders seeking the opinion and ideas from them, acknowledging their contributions, knowing their names and their families, and treating one and all with genuine respect.-focus on shared, rather than personal goals, where employees feel everyone is pulling together to accomplish a shared vision, rather than a series of personal agendas.-team members do what is right regardless of personal risks, following this instinctive sense and ignoring any personal consequences will always create respect from those around, and from this respect will come trust.To ensure that trust and accountability within a team is maintained avoid acting and speaking inconsistently, seeking personal rather than shared gain, withholding information, telling lies or half-truths and being closed minded.


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