Truth the foreign stories she was told as

Truth about a Single StoryTo begin, in the video “The danger of a single story “the speaker, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie begins by telling us about how she used to write stories as a child and how similar they were to the foreign stories she was told as a child.

Until the point that she discovered African stories, which she first understood that individuals like her could be in stories. On the off chance that we hear or read stories about a piece of the world we tend to see that piece of the world as the stories portray those areas. Those stories influence us and allow us to feel depressed for those certain groups of people. Adichie also gives her own example which was when she heard the civil arguments about migration in the United States.

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Movement in America wound up to be equivalent to Mexicans crossing the border. When Adichie went to visit Guatemala, she was very surprised to see that the Mexican culture, was nothing like she was told they were. She then goes into detail, about how if you portray somebody in a certain way several times, that will be the idea that is portrayed for them in society. I agree with Adichie’s claim that a single story creates false misconceptions for many people in society. She proves this to us through many firsthand experiences. First, Adichie, who was born and raised in Nigeria experienced multiple false views on foreigners throughout her lifetime and tells us how one story often changes perspective into something that is not true.

For example, when Adichie first moved into her college dorm her roommate immediately told a story about an experience in Africa. After hearing this story Adichie soon realized that her roommate had a misconception of Africans just by being told a single story. Every individual has listened and been influenced by these stories.

Western Culture has brainwashed many of us and taught us that Africa is a poor country where many people live in poverty without an education. Adichie is a living example of denial to this misleading and absurd gesture about Africans. Although it may seem Africans are the only people that are affected by these stories, that is wrong. Adichie informs us on how media tends to create fallacies about Mexican immigrants and how she too has fallen victim to a single story. When she visited Guadalajara, she realized that media has given such a false story for the culture and how many single stories are becoming widely spread and influencing people in the wrong way.Overall, Adichie proves to us that a single story can influence a group of people and portray to them a false idea about a specific culture or thing. Many people are being judged because of this issue that is caused by a single story.

There are so many of these people like Adichie, that are living proof that these false accusations are nothing but a misleading idea. When people travel to other countries and meet these cultures that are looked down upon, they realize that these stories are nothing but a deceptive and wrong impression about a specific culture.


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