“Tulia” informing us about what kind of people

“Tulia” by Nate Blakeslee is a book about a true event that happened from 1999-2003 in a small town in Swisher County, Texas with a population of about 5000 or so. When the police, sheriffs, texas rangers, narcotics task force arrested 46 people, 39 were african americans, they charged all 46 with distribution of drugs. The book starts off with the four men at their hearings, on March 20th, 2003. The book is informing us about what kind of people were arrested how they were arrested and the tensions in the town when this was all happening. Some of the chapters in the book focus on only one person while other chapters tell about how life was years before when the town was just starting out. I partly agree with what the police force was trying to do with the town which was to try and make it a drug free town, however I do not agree with how all of the people were charged and prosecuted because the evidence just didn’t line up.

“Tulia” is a book that is wrote on a true story, this book was about a drug bust of over thirty-five men in a small town in Texas. The book jumps from one perspective to another, mostly the readers perspective is through the same seats as the jury who prosecuted the men in Tulia. In this book it talks about the what the town was like on a day-to-day basis; the author touches on how it was just a normal small town everybody a hard working person trying to make ends meet, it talks about the fact that there was still racism, and that people didn’t start complaining about drugs until they there were in the white neighborhoods. Some of the perspectives in the book are from the people prosecuted, the police force, the fathers, mothers, and other people of the town.

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