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Twenty-three year old CarlyAplin from Cutting Room Creative in Leeds has been hairdressing since she was 14. After starting off on a work experience placement, Carly has neverlooked back.   Carly’s veryfirst taste of competition success came in 2004 when she won the Talentspottingcompetition for L’Oreal. Winning this led to her being involved with a photoshoot in Majorca for leading trade magazine, prepping backstage at LondonFashion Week, styling the stars for L’Oreal at the BAFTA’s, winning the Men’s North EasternRegional L’Oreal Colour Trophy and competing in the L’Oreal Colour Trophy Final in London atthe 50th anniversary all in the very same year.  Duringthat year Carly also completed her first year on the L’Oreal I.D program.

   Carly is regarded as one ofthe hottest young talents emerging within the British hairdressing industry and believes the catalyst behind this reputationwas her decision to join Cutting Room Creative, anaward winning salon renowned for nurturing talent.  Joining several other young talentedhairdressers such as Joe Nions, all under the expert guidance of BritishHairdressing Hall of Famemembers Charles and Karen Dodds, Carly has thrived within Cutting Room Creative.   Last year, Carly was invited to join The FellowshipF.A.M.E. Team for 2008 and was extremely excited about working alongside mentors such as ErrolDouglas and her all time icon Angelo Seminara.”Becoming a member of the F.

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Team is a fantastic achievement for me as itis everythingI have worked towards throughout the past twelve months.  As part of the team I was just so excited by the thought of being able to explorethe links between high fashion and hair and also tobe able to learn new ways of working. Not only from the really big names in theindustry, but also from the other F.A.M.E. Team girls as we willall have been taught different techniques and approaches.”   Carly also plays an important role within the salon, andmentors the Cutting Room Creative assistants.

And with a television appearance in the pipeline, there is no one better equipped to give them the creative, presentation and salon skills they need to achieve in the world of hairdressing.   


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