Two performance indicators, we need accurate record

Two Reasons of Collecting HR Data and how it Supports HR practices:Accurate HR record is very important for making HR related decisions. Our organization has made a system to collect accurate record for all HR related matters.The following are a few reasons for collecting HR data:1. To meet the legal requirementsThere are some legal requirements for every organization to keep the record of the employees.

With special reference to Saudi we need record to report to the government about how many expatriates are working in the organization.2. For performance managementFor keep an eye on the key performance indicators, we need accurate record of the employee’s performance. Management makes decisions for promotion, transfer or training for the employees based on this data. 3. To keep record of contractual employeesThere are many organizations that have contractual employees. We have to keep the record of start and end of their contractual period. We also need to keep record of their wages and rate of yearly increase in the pay.

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Types of Data and Methods and Benefits of Storing the RecordOur organization keeps the accurate record of various dimensions related to personnel working in the organization. For example our organization has installed biometric identification time and attendance control terminal. Time and attendance machine provides complete information to the organization about the time and overtime an employee spent in the organization.


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