Tyler the one talking I maintained eye-contact throughout

Tyler AuneComm 403Mock Interview Self-AssessmentTo start off I would like to say that on the whole I felt that my interview went really well and was a great learning experience for me.

When I had first went into my interview I was kind of nervous likemost people probably were. But once I actually got into the room and met with the person who was interviewing me I calmed down, settled in and was ready to answer any questions that he had for me.I didn’t know what to expect I had thought that my nerves would be their throughout the interview but that became much less apparent as the interview went on.

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This was actually a surprise for me since I really haven’t been a part of any sort of formal interview process. The first thing thatthat I knew that I haddone right in the interview was my attire. One of the first things that he said to me was Him thanking me for showing up professionally dressed. Another thing that I was told that I did really well was even when I wasn’t the one talking I maintained eye-contact throughout the interview and stayed engaged throughout. I also was showing a very comfortable body language keeping my body open and faced towards him. I had refrained from any sort of bodily distractions like scratching my head. I also made sure that everything that I said was clear and easily understood. When it came to the actual content of what I was saying I could really improve on that a lot.

It’s not like everything I said didn’t make sense it’s just that I could have said what I was saying in a much better way. Some of the things that I could have improved on were my ability to only say positive things about myself and avoid all of the negative ones altogether. It wasn’t that I was just trashing myself and trying to ruin the interview it wasjust that when I was saying what I was saying I wasn’t thinking about how the interviewer would interpret my words. I also didn’t always answer with complete confidence in what I was saying almost like I was second guessing myself and wasn’t too sure who I actually was.

There were also times were I would give a good example of a skill I have and how I have used it in the past but I failed to relate it to the position that I was applying for. I now realize that I have to show people why I am a fit for the position and what past experiences will lead them to believe that I can effectively complete this job because I have been known to do similar things in the past.Finally the last thing that I can easily improve on is when I do get an interview with a company I need to have questions for them after the interview to show that I already know a little bit about the job/company and I am interested in learning more instead of just being there for the job, even if I am. In conclusion I felt that my mock interview had gone fairly well for one of my first interviews ever. There are many things that I did right and that I should keep doing, but at the same time there are things that I did wrong that I should completely avoid. This has been a good learning experiencefor me and will definitely be helpful for me in interviews to come.


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