Tyler quote highlights the character motivation of Hester

Tyler WilkinsonMiss HodgesAP English15 January 2017Sacrifice “It has often been said that what we value can be determined only by what we sacrifice.” This quote highlights the character motivation of Hester in The Scarlet Letter. Throughout this book, Hester makes sacrifices for the people that she loves. She is ridiculed and outcast by the townspeople. She is kept shut up inside her cottage, not allowed to associate with anyone. Motivated by her love for daughter and the man she loves, Hester sacrifices her reputation and her ability to experience a normal life. In The Scarlet Letter Hester’s reputation is constantly being tarnished and she is forced to live in the limelight of her sin.

Once Hester’s sin is discovered she is paraded around the town as a criminal and then forced to wear her scarlet A. As a result of this, everyone knows who she is. The whole town knows her name and what she has done.

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Hester can’t leave her house without a judgmental eye or harsh word being cast in her direction. She is described by the people as “a living sermon against sin” and serves as a constant reminder to the townsfolk what happens to adulterers. The remarkable part about all of Hester’s tribulations is that she chooses to take them on all by herself. She refuses to give up the name of the other adulterer, even though that will lesson her punishment and shame and give her a companion to help shoulder her burden. Hester sacrifices her reputation so that Dimmesdale may continue to live his life.

This results in her leading a tough and isolated life. Paragraph about how she sacrifice her happiness (pearl not accepting her, devil child)Paragraph about her not living a normal life bc she loves dimmesdale and even if she can’t be with him she can be near him. She legit sacrifice her ability to experiencing any kind of life and even the childhood of her own daughter all for a man too cowardly to meet her any place other than the cover of darkness.


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