Type Reader, smart card are oh two

Type of Smart CardBased on the way the smart card interacts with the Reader, smart card are oh two types,Contact Smart Cards: These require insertion into the Card reader.Contact less Smart Cards: These require close proximity of the reader.There are two type of the smart card in use computer system. This use two card are very important card payment of the phone.As smart cards have embedded microprocessors, they need energy to function and some mechanism to communicate, receiving and sending the data.

Some smart cards have golden plates, contact pads, at one corner of the card. As the contactless cards are not needed to be inserted into the reader, usually they are only composed of a serial interface for the computer and an antenna to connect to the card. The readers for contactless smart cards may or may not have a slot. The reason is some smart cards can be read upto 1.5 meters away from the reader but some needs to be positioned a few millimeters from the reader to be read accurately. There is one another type of smart card, combo card. A combo card has a contact pad for the transaction of large data, like PKI credentials, and a wire loop for mutual authentication. Contact smart cards are mainly used in electronic security whereas contactless cards are used in transportation and/or door locks.

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Smart card may also be used as electronic .The smart card chip can be loaded with pay parking vending mechanisum .Cryptographic protocol protect the exchange of money the smart card and the machine. not connection to a bank is important .The holder of the card may use it needed if even if not the owner.The subscriber identity modules used in mobile –phone system are redused- size smart cards , using otherwise identical technology


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