TYPES OF POLLUTION:1. AIR POLLUTION: Pollutants of air pollution consists of common gases which are carbon dioxide, Sulphur dioxide nitrogen oxide which leads to smog and affect our environment badly.2.LIGHT POLLUTION: Light pollution is introduced when light invades places, Not turning lights off and affecting astronomically.

3.NOISE POLLUTION: Noise pollution is introduced to environment because of airplane noise, highway noise, industrial and factorial noises.4.

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SOIL POLLUTION: Soil pollution occurs due to underground leakages or due to chemical pollutants which consist of hydrocarbons, metals and pesticides etc.5.TRASH POLLUTION: Throwing of rubbish and waste materials around by man causes pollution.6.VISUAL POLLUTION: Trash cans, billboards around the area leads to visual pollution.7.WATER POLLUTION: Discharge of waste from factories and industries which contaminate the water because wastes consist of chlorine, fertilizers and pesticides etc.

8.PLASTIC POLLUTION : Throwing plastic materials into water or oceans affect marine life really badly POLLUTION CAUSING INDUSTRIES:1.Product manufacturing industries.

2.Industrial estates3.Artisanal small scale gold mining4.Lead smelting.5.Lead acid battery recycling.6.

Dye industry7.Chemical manufacturing8.Industrial dumpsites9.

Tannery operations10. Industrial mining and ore processing WORST POLLUTION CAUSING PLACES:1.Norilsk,Russia 2. Matanza raichuelo, Argentina 3. Kabwe, Zambia 4.Dsershinsk, Russia


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