Understanding resourcefulness’ (BusinessDictionary.com, 2017). An enterprising individual is

Understanding the importance of enterprise is veryimportant.

Although the word enterprise can be interpreted in many differentways, the Business Dictionary defines enterprise as an, ‘Entrepreneurial activity, especially when accompanied by initiative and resourcefulness’ (BusinessDictionary.com,2017). An enterprising individual is someone who uses their own initiative andis creative (Gartner and Bellamy, 2010, pg29). ‘Competition among businesses has long been encouraged asa mechanism to increase value for patients’ (Rivers and Glover, 2008). This shows that it has become more common for health and social careindustries to become competitive. This competitive thinking allows services todo their best and come up with new techniques in order to become the bestservice provider.Throughout my placement Ihave been wanting to develop on the ability to employ creativity and innovationin problem solving, being a more confident team player and demonstrate mynegotiating skills (Weisberg, 2016) I undertook a self-assessment which maderealise that these skills need working on. During my placement, I had variousopportunities where I could demonstrate and develop on these skills.

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Ideveloped commercial awareness by attending the first year’s induction dayexplaining to them and the lecturers about Peer Assisted Learning by makingthem knowledgeable of what the scheme is and what the benefits are. Thebenefits include closing the gap for first year students and taking strain oflecturers by facilitating sessions and going over topics/content that lecturersdon’t have time for. Another benefit of this scheme is that students will begetting first-hand experience to assist them transition into University life, Ias a third-year student can use this opportunity as my placement and lecturersare stress-free and can focus on the main course content.   An additional aspect of my placement where I was able todemonstrate creativity, generate ideas and develop those ideas into actions wasby doing the World Toilet Day project/event. The main purpose for this projectwas to engage everyone through fun activities but at the same time inform andraise awareness about sanitation and public health and raise money so toiletscould be built in ethnic minority countries. In order to make sure I wasconfident about this project I researched some facts and statistics onsanitation and public health. According to World Health Organisation, ‘6 in 10Africans remain without access to proper toilet’ (ibid) ‘62% of Africans do not have accessto an improved sanitation facility — a proper toilet’ (World HealthOrganisation, 2008).

The aim of this project was met as I had managed to raise£110.86 which was a third of the organisations quota – this was a positiveoutcome. The International and Peace Studies were the funders, I was given abudget of £100. As this budget was quite tight I had to spend cautiously.

Thismeant I had to be very alert and use my negotiating skills well. I had variousmeeting with imprint and design telling them what my idea was and what mybudget was. I had used my creativity to get some free items and make postersand banners myself which meant I still had enough budget.However,although the project went well and the aim to raise money was met I felt therewas some marketing techniques that needed working on. Not many people attendedthis event due to being unaware and this only came to my knowledge when I wentaround campus.

This shows that the event was not marketed properly due to myorganisation skills. Although I used Coveys quadrent theory I feel I need to bemore attentive for my personal and professional development.


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