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Unit 2AssignmentDominique RogersPurdue Global UniversityAB 140-03Professor CouncilNovember 18, 2018In this paper we will take a glance at the four contemporary approaches to management and how they are different from one another will be explained. Open systems will be described along with the internal, competitive, and macro environments of an organization. Bring up the rear, this paper will indicate whether the four contemporary approaches to management are relevant in these three environments.Sociotechnical systems theory is different from the other approaches because, it deals directly with how a human performs in a work place. “The social system comprises of the employees, their skills, knowledge, attitude and their perceptive of their job. While the technical system comprises of the items the employee requires for doing their job like devices, tools, or also techniques.

“(The staff members are directly trained, and the proper training tools are sure to be applied. This allows staff members to correct problems early on. Quantitative management varies from the rest of the approaches because, it deals strictly with management problems. It is designed to help managers know how to deal with the problems and teaches the proper ways to solve problems in a mathematical way. Managers also learn how to make proper decisions. Most of times this does not work because, management decisions cannot be solved through mathematical formulas or symbols.

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It’s hard to apply every possible situation into a mathematical formula.Organizational behavior differs from the other approaches because, it studies and identifies how employees act under their managers. It is believed that however the managers treat their employees is how they will act.

If the managers treat there workers as stupid, lazy, good for nothing, then that is how the workers will perform while they are at work. If the workers are seen in a good way, then the workers will perform better.Systems theory differentiates from the other approaches because it depends on inputs from the outside world. Under the system theory, the organization is looked at as being one structure in a series of many. Because circumstances change consistently, there is no absolute way to organize and manage an organization under this approach.Organizations that are affected by, and that affect their external environment are known as Open Systems. The internal, competitive, and macro environments of an organization is like an egg. The internal environment would be the yolk.

It is the company which is rich in culture and values. Competitive environment is the egg white which surrounds the company. Like rivals, new competitors, customers, substitute services or products, and suppliers. Macroenvironment has technology, demographics, social values, economy, laws, and regulations to govern the other two environments inside like the outer shell of an egg.

In conclusion, the four contemporary approaches to management are extremely relevant in these three environments because every company desire to be successful. All the contemporary approaches can be used to make an informed decision in every environment. It is because of their diverse nature that one may be a better fit then the other. All four approaches to management are applicable in every environment and should be considered in the neighboring element.

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