Unit necessarily get the action you are calling

Unit 222 Communication in a business environment

The different communication methods in the business environment are by letter, face to face, telephone calls and e-mails. We use different methods because some people might not have access to internet or a phone to view e-mails and receive phone calls, or they might not have a fixed address to send letters to.

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The importance of using correct grammar is because we have a whole variety of ethnicity back grounds that have English as their second language and wouldn’t understand spelling mistakes as they follow sentence structure. It is also important as poor grammar could be one of the reasons as to why some customers avoid certain companies. They could see it as un trustworthy or not efficient.
Sentence structure is really important as it has a great impact on how they are conveyed to the audience. For instance if you was posting on social media networks to entice your customers to follow a link to your website you might not necessarily get the action you are calling for if your message was poorly constructed. Poor gramma affects your efforts to strengthen relationships with your customers and affects your marketing strategies. You get a better response from your audience by constructing your statement correctly.
Punctuation is crucial in a business environment as it can affect the way a sentence portrays to someone; it ensures the communication is readable and easy to understand.

It is essential to use conventions is business communications to ensure that the information is in the easiest format which the reader will feel most comfortable with. Conventions are capitalisation, punctuation and spelling. This enhances the readability for the customers so they can read the communication easily and not find it difficult to understand or figure out what it meant.


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