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Unit 5 promoting health and wellbeing Task 1 Kashturawahini Ramachandiran25185879Introduction This report is about the health promotion and the purpose and aims of three different health promotion activities. In addition, the description and discussion about how different types of health promotion are used to benefit the health and wellbeing of individuals and the nation. In addition, the analyse the benefits of different types of health promotion to individuals and the nation.The description of health promotion and the purpose and aims of three different health promotion activitiesHealth Promotion supply of information and education to individuals and the nation, which helps them to make positive lifestyle choices to improve their health and wellbeing. The purpose of health promotion is to make changes of the people’s lifestyle and to inform them how to live healthily. In addition to motivate, people to change their behaviour.The aims of health promotion activities are raise health awareness, encourage safety and reduce accidents, reduce number of people smoking, encourage healthy eating habits and reduce alcohol intake.

Health promotion activities are: Health risk advice means raising awareness of health related issue and educating individuals to help them make a healthy lifestyle choice.Peer education: some health professionals and community members encourage each other to have a healthy behaviour.Shock tactics: for example, showing pictures of the damaged organs inside the body and inform the people how they affect.

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Advice from health professionals: in school or college health professionals invited to speak to students about some topic such as drinking, smoking and safe sex. Doctors also give advice some advice to who has asthma or someone who is too obese to lose weight. Advice from police and fire service: in school and college police officers give advice to the student such as alcohol or keeping safe at Halloween. Fire officers give advice to be safe on Bonfire Night.Testimonies from people personally affected by issues: this when the person who is already affected by health risk such danger of drug taking and they are invited to school or interview on television.Health promotion campaigns helps the people with the aim of raising awareness of health-related issue.

There are some campaigns such as department of health national campaigns: helps people to live better for longer and they make sure people have the support, care and treatment they need, with the compassion, respect and dignity they deserve. In addition, national and local NHS campaigns and use of different forms of media also help the people to make them to live healthy. Medical intervention is help the people to vaccinate to reduce disease. For example, childhood immunisations, vaccinations, screening. A vaccine helps the people to be safe from any disease such as pathogen and help against flu from spreading and reduces chances of individuals who are at most risk of getting it. Screening is the way of discovering cancer.The description of how different types of health promotion are used to benefit the health and wellbeing of individual and the nation.

Change4life: is one of the health promotion that help people, mostly kids to be more active, burn calories and live healthily. Change for life benefits individual and the nation by publishing their adverts by making video, leaflet. They provide the information about how much sugar drinks or snacks should parents give to their children.

Change for life have website and they have clearly said what drinks parents should give their kids. Such as water and lower fat, milks are the best choices for kids because milk has calcium, which is extremely good for child’s body strong, and it will make the bones strong. Moreover, they have shown sugary drinks swaps. In addition, they have food scanner application, which supports the parents to find out what is really inside your food and drinks. Change for life provide 60 minutes a day activity for kids, which helps the children to be active. Benefits of health promotion to both the health and wellbeing of the individual and the nation.

Individuals will increase understanding of health issues, increase responsibility for their own health, improved quality of life and they might individually change their behaviour and lifestyle choices such as smoking, drug taking, eating patterns and hand washing. In addition, for the nation, this will reduce levels of illness and disease, increase uptake in vaccination and screening programmes. Public health England: is one of the health promotion that protect and improve the nation’s health and wellbeing and reduce health inequalities. They protect the nation from public health hazards and prepare for and responding to public health emergencies.

This benefits individual and the nation. Individually this helps to improve quality of life and decrease risk of disease/injury. In addition, this helps the nation by reducing levels of illness and disease and impact of crime levels.Act FAST campaign helps the people to call 999 if they spot the signs of a stroke. Act FAST campaign screened a TV advert that shows people the signs and symptoms they should look for to identify someone suffering from a stroke: facial weakness, arm weakness, speech problems and time to call 999. Moreover, they have TV ads, which help the stroke patients to act fast and call to 999.

Therefore, the sooner they get medical attention the better their chances of a good recovery. The advert says the faster you act the more of the person you save. In addition, this benefits the individual and the nation by increasing understanding health issues, address high-profile health and wellbeing concerns and improved quality of life.

The discussion of how different types of health promotion are used to benefit the health and wellbeing.Encourage safety and reduce accidents.This advert shows a young girl had a car accident. It shows driving fast can kill people and the impact could injure themselves. Moreover, the message it gives is you should drive at 30mph so, even if you hit because of some mistakes and 80% of people live and it is 30 for a reason.

In addition, it will make you more aware of the accident and this makes the people to think about their kids and other people also this promotion could benefit the individuals because it will make aware of not drinking alcohol and talking on phone while driving. Moreover, this could benefit to the nation as well because people would not fear drunken people. It could mean a reduction in crime levels. Increase happiness and healthy lives.Reduce the number of people smokingThis advert is about a parent smokes cigarette even she smokes outside but still the smoke will spread inside house and kids breathe in smoke.

It shows the effect of smoking can damage their lungs and they will have short-term and long-term effect. In addition, this promotion could benefit individual because it will make you more aware of health risk advice. This promote to make better lifestyle choices for individuals. The benefits to individuals are improved quality of life and increase understanding of health issues. Moreover, this could benefit the nation as well because if you smoke daily and you would fall in sick then you will need to spend your time and money on NHS service. Therefore, this advert makes aware to people who smokes, then they might quit smoking after watched this advert. Encourage healthy eating habits: providing information about how and ways of eating healthily helps people make better food choices. This poster will make the people to more vegetables and less junk foods.

Moreover, if a person who drinks alcohol, smokes after they planned about to lose weight, therefore this poster will be extremely helpful to them. If they eat more junk food and the people always make sick and become obese. This poster is trying to make people to eat healthy and not give more importance to junk foods. These benefits to individuals by encourage them to change in personal behaviour and lifestyle choices. Moreover, this could decrease risk of illness and improved quality of life. In addition, this benefits to the nation as well, if you wish to eat healthily then you would quit smoke and drink which reduce levels of illness and disease and address high-profile health and wellbeing concerns.Analyse the benefits of different types of health promotion to individuals and the nation.IndividualHealth promotion can increase our understanding of health issues: for example, health promotion leaflets will increase the use of antibiotics.

In addition, the consequences of the result in the form of superbugs helped the people to inform as to why the doctor will not prescribe antibiotics for a viral infection such as cold. And increase our responsibly for our own health for example, understanding how to lift an object safely without bending the knees, this helps a person who lift heavy load wrongly therefore, it helps them to avoid back injury. In addition, this decrease risk of disease/injury: for example, health promotion explains how the HIV virus can be conveyed had decreased the number of people developing AIDS. Also improves quality of life: for example, health promotion raises awareness of ways to deal with some specific problem such as if the person is obese therefore, health promotion helps them to lose weight to improve their better life. Moreover, this can change people’s personal behaviour practices and lifestyle choices. For instance, there is a right way of hand washing and god hand hygiene practices can reduce illness. Hand washing is the most important ways of controlling the spread of infection and it cause diarrhoea and vomiting. NationReducing levels of illness and disease: the positive effect of health promotion meant by reduction in the incidence of heart disease.

This health promotion helps to prevent people from heart attacks by better management of risk factors such as smoking, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. The British Heart Foundation health promotion demonstrated that many heart attack victims still died before medical help arrived. Therefore, they made a video showing how to do hands-only CPR. This video exposes on television and different websites have a pop-up connection. A free mobile app will help the public to c-increase the awareness and knowledge so CRP can prevent the more death of people. Moreover, affect crime levels: health promotion also shown to reduce crime levels. For example, if the people are addicted to drugs and this health promotion help and support them to live a drug-free life, such as the Home Office strategy promoted in 2010 aimed at reducing demands. Helping the people to live healthily and getting rid of drugs reduce the car accident and violent crimes.

Moreover, increased uptake in vaccination and screening programmes: by promoting the vaccination nationally, it reduces some diseases. There is a vaccination programme, which is HPV that help the girls aged 12 and 13 to protect against of cervical cancer. The cervical cancer jab delivered in secondary schools and it could be saved about 400 lives a year in the UK. Furthermore, addressing high-profile health and wellbeing concerns: this helps the children who are obese to raise awareness about it, obesity can affect a person’s health and it will increase the risk of some cancers, heart and liver disease and types of two diabetes. This benefits the nation by reducing financial cost to the NHS and the government: Health promotion aims to help reduce financial costs.

For example, the people who smokes and drinks alcohol daily, they spend more money, which is bad for their health. By promoting this awareness, the people would try to quit from smoking and drinking alcohol, which is very good for their own health, and they can save money.Bibliography: Ebookcentral.proquest.com. (2018). ProQuest Ebook Central. online Available at: https://ebookcentral.

proquest.com/lib/newham-ebooks/reader.action?docID=4770652;query=btec health Accessed 8 Feb.



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