Unit yet ready for the exam Q4.

Unit 5: Critical Thinking
Q1. There are many definitions for critical thinking. Search for definitions and write 6 definitions of critical thinking.
ANS: Critical thinking is;
1. A widely accepted educational goal.
2. Reasonable, reflective thinking focused on deciding what to believe or do.
3. Disciplined thinking that is clear, rational, open-minded, and informed by evidence.
4. Includes a commitment to using reason in the formulation of our beliefs.
5. An appraisal based on careful analytical evaluation.
6. The skill and propensity to engage in an activity with reflective skepticism.
Q2. Now that you have searched for different definitions of critical thinking, define critical thinking in your own words.
ANS: Critical thinking is suggested result of a work in the form of judgment. And reach a target goal after careful thinking.
Q3. Try this Idea: Beginning to Think about your Thinking
•To begin to think about your thinking, make a list of any problem you believe currently exist with your thinking. Try to be as explicit as possible. The more problems you can identify the better. For each problem you identify, complete the following statements:
• One problem with my thinking is overthinking about final exam.
• This is a problem because I am not yet ready for the exam
Q4. Name a person you think you know fairly well. Make two lists. In the first list include everything you know for sure about the person. In the second list include everything you know you don’t know about him/her. Give an explanation of your thinking.
ANS: Naazneen.
?She is; kind hearted.
Well obedient to her seniors.
Have habits of good punctuality.
Always willing to give hands to her friends.
Straight forward.
Fight for rights.
Short tempered.
Tried hard to maintain relationships, even if it is family or friends.
Loves to mingle with her close friends.
A coffee lover.
Loves shopping and travelling.
One of the best mom.
?I don’t know about her is, her plan about continuing current career because it never was discussed.
Q5. There are 8 elements in thinking that also applies for critical thinking.

A nurse is taking blood pressure of a post-operative patient. The BP is 90/60 mmHg
Based on this simple scenario, identify questions that you can ask yourself in relation to each of the
Eight elements of critical thinking.
What cause lowering the BP?
1. What is patients last BP?
2. Is that her normal BP?
3. Is there any bleeding?
4. Can it be due to anesthesia?
5. What are the main complains of the patient?
6. Can I increase on flow IV pint?
7. How fast to be increased?
8. How much BP would increase by increasing IV fluid?

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