Unit of working in a group or a

Unit 505
Working in Partnership in Health and Social Care or Children and Young Peoples Settings
Effective partnerships are an agreement between two or more groups, organisations or individuals that work together to achieve common aims for the selected individual. Effective partnership working has a personal stake in the partnership working together towards the same goal and the best outcome. Partners working together can highlight differences issues, problems and solutions whilst working on sharing creatively and responsibility. They all consult everything together before making any decision. Working as one. Effective partnership working involves many features
Respect for colleague’s skills and contribution
Listening Skills
Realistic Expectations
Working to agreed practices
They would be able to feed off each other’s energy and enthusiasm.

The idea of working in a group or a team is to improve the effectiveness of the work and skills and talents of the individual in the groups.
Working in partnership with colleagues is an important part of ensuring care if carried out in a safe and professional manor. All colleagues should be working the same way and be consistence. Colleagues I work with daily are the best source of advice and information needed when issues arise as they can bring new idea of working and inform me of anything that is not working well. By working together, I can support and help improve issues if required.

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Working with other professions give me a different chance and point of view to be supported by a qualified person. I can share information and seek advice. Some individuals need more support that others and having other professional involves helps provide the best care possible. Maintaining good relationships with the other professionals helps support the induvial as well as myself.
Working with others which include families, service users and friends provides me with information that I might not be able to be provided by professionals. Being able to provide the care that they want. By working together, I can gain information and that can help make the individual life easier in the care setting. Options are all values and treated equally to ensure the best service for the individual
As a home, carers working together provides the best outcome for the individuals within the home. We all work to the individuals needs and requirements. We all have good and mutual knowledge of the person receiving the care. Having other contribution also helps provide the best care needed. Ensuring communication and high standards of practice are provided and that everyone is working towards the same goal.

Certain barriers when working the in-care industries are as followed: –
Misunderstandings of situations
Inconsistent or inaccurate record keeping
Not following Policies and Procedures
These barriers can stop people effective communication and able to provide the best service towards and induvial.
Not being able to communicate is a big part within the care industry and it is a common form of communication. Being able to communicate can lead to stress and lead to harmful situations. Misunderstanding of situations or information can cause risks as if the information is not passed on correctly it can cause problems or put and individual in harm due to the misunderstanding. Not having consistent or inaccurate record keeping can be a barrier due to not being able to pass over any information that may be required to a professional which could delay treatment. Not following policies and procedures, not following these can put staff members and individual in a potential harm. Doing regular safety checks and ensuring other professionals do safety checks can ensure the setting is safe. Every barrier has a solution that can be resolved by evaluating the problem at hand and working together to solve it.

As a Deputy Manager it is part of my responsibility to maintain a professional approach whilst ensuring my workplaces principles and values are kept. It is part of my role and responsibility to set task and clear objectives using the SMART method – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timescales. I involve my colleagues in decision making, listening and accepting my colleagues’ ideas and suggestions. They are then assured that they have been listened to and actions have been taken. Which can result in making my colleagues feel more valued and appreciated, on a whole ensure the support and care work is at its high standards. It is important as a Deputy Manager to give my colleagues feedback and suggestion on how things could be improved if required. It is important to me to know the different needs my colleagues require and their limitations, to also share any concerns I have with my staff. Holding regular team meeting allows colleagues to view their options and suggestions which as management I can act upon, ensuring staff are kept informed about progress and any changes within the work place.

I believe that I am an effective team player. I communicate well with the team throughout handovers and outside agencies know, informing staff of GP appointments and outside agencies. I have my own part to play within a team to ensure the shift runs smoothly for my colleagues and service users. I believe I listen to the members of staff and I take the ideas they have on board. I can take criticism well and I feel I can make constructive criticism to my colleagues. I have a good understanding of the care industry and I can speak with Doctors District Nurses and other Healthcare professional in a professional manor.

Daily I work with other professionals ranging from Doctors, District Nurses, Dieticians etc. I start my day with a daily handover, which involves the deputy manager, senior and care staff. We discuss all the residents within the home and any changes that might have happened throughout the day and the night. Any changes in medication or diet. I then discuss any concerns that might require a GP or a nurse, and discuss any forthcoming events including hospital appointments. My role in the handover is to take notes and act upon them on my shift. If a resident requires a nurse or a doctor, I will then inform the GP of what is happening and explain my concerns I have with the resident. I will then take notes and relay that back in the care plan and act upon any action that is required. I then feedback to my colleagues, so they are aware of any action to be taken. If needed I contact other professions through telephone or email, logging dates that have been done and await any information that may be required.

To evaluate procedures used for working with other professionals there has to be a system in place to monitor and review progress. The evaluation should be carried out by reviewing and monitoring and measuring the progress with the results. If procedures are working well with all the other professionals involved this will result in positive outcomes. If the results are in a negative way, this can produce professional rivalry, miscommunication, time wasting and mismanagement.

Questionnaires are a good source of producing feedback on how you work well with other professionals. They can use their own experiences and feedback, making them feel included and informed decision making.4.1
It is important that we work well with others when I might have to deal with resident’s families or other relatives. It is important that I promote a good working partnership ensuring goals for the individual and are working to the agreed ways. It is important to consider how I can promote the participation and empowerment of the service user. To work well in partnership there must be good communication skills. Other professionals or other staff may be able to provide good communication to be able to support others.
To evaluate procedures when working with others is to ensure the best method is being used and that communication is reaching other parties effectively in a professional manner and being understood.
Positive outcomes will result in improved service, empowerment and informed decision making.

Negative outcomes will result in neglect, abuse, harm, danger, anger, miscommunication, information overload, confusion, frustration and disempowerment.


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