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Unit 6: Plasma Membrane 2 In cells, there is a special membrane that makes life, it is known as the plasma membrane. It acts like the basic unit and heart for all cells. The structure of the plasma membrane can be seen all over cells. The membrane makes communication with one another and even does transportation of diffusion and osmosis with fluids. The plasma membrane barricades every eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell in all living organisms.

The plasma membrane is made up of lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins. Unlike prokaryotic cells, eukaryotic cells contain a membrane surrounded by healthy organelles. The plasma membrane has a borderline between the environment and cell cytoplasm. The functions and structures let the nature of the cells to cooperate with an organism. There are also substances that help control the association of the cell. The membrane of a cell is consisted of numerous ingredients, then they all combine to make the liquid mosaic function. This is referred to as liquid due to the separate phospholipids can accelerate to each other quickly, this makes the membrane more adaptable so that it can polymorph.

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It has been named mosaic since the contrasted proteins stuffed into the membrane can change into a variety of shapes, dimensions, and styles, so that it appears as mosaic. Phospholipids are special ingredients to the foundation of the plasma membrane. It creates a bilayer text, one layer that has phospholipids also has the hydrophilic head; the phosphate that is motivated by water, directing indoors so that it makes interaction with the water of the cell’s cytoplasm. The second layer of phospholipids appears to have its hydrophilic head directing outdoors with the water barricading every cell.

The hydrophobic end; the fatty acid in the finish of the phospholipid that turns away from water and to the fat, of both phospholipid layers directs into the middle of the membrane, guarded by water. Unit 6: Plasma Membrane 3 The phospholipid layers have significant jobs to the plasma membrane, an example would be letting solvable-like fat to in and out of the cell by diffusion to prevent water-like substances from going in and out of the cell. Of course, this is what demonstrates the membrane to be flexible. Proteins are another important role to the plasma membrane. There are two types of proteins that are affiliated with the plasma membrane; extrinsic and intrinsic.

Extrinsic proteins happen when the phospholipid layer or at least implanted in it. Intrinsic proteins wholly width the phospholipid layer from one to another. Glycolipids are a lifeblood to the plasma membrane. They assist to identify our blood teams. The glycolipids treat themselves as receptors from the top of red blood cells, this is a requirement as we can imply our blood types when doing blood transfusions, because we transfer the wrong blood type to the patient’s immune system, the patient will either die or get a blood transfused disease, such as AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). Glycolipids can also treat themselves as receptor for molecules, such as hormones during a pregnancy development.

Permeases are membrane conveyance proteins that are a team of multiphase transmembrane which puts the diffusion that for a certain molecule that enters and exits by using inert transport. There are four different of inert transport; osmosis, diffusion, facilitated diffusion, and filtration. Working transport is not inert transport

Unit people learn and there preferred style of

Unit 6 : personal and professional development Introduction: In this assignment, I will be discussing what my learning process is. In order to achieve this, I will explain what influences my learning.

Skills for learning and what learning opportunities I have.There are 3 learning styles and these are kinaesthetic, auditory and visual KinaestheticKinaesthetic learner learns by doing physical activities that includes touching, feeling and holding and doing practical work AuditoryAuditory learners learn by listening to someone talk they depend on hearing and speaking as it is there way of learning.VisualVisual learners learn by seeing thing or creating something they prefer information to be given in a form of a chart or picture they are also good at remembering objects.5 key influences on the learning processKolb and Honey and Mumford created 2 learning theories to help people understand how they learn. Kolb’s experimental learning cycle consists of four different stages of the learning cycle and that is concrete, active , reflective , abstract.590550285750Honey and Mumford learning theory consists of four different learning styles that show how different people learn and there preferred style of learning these are called activists, reflectors, theorists and pragmatist. There are many things that can have an effect on learning, some positive and some negative some examples of these can be .781050270510Environment If the environment is to noisy people can find it hard to concentrate this will make it difficult to complete Kolb’s learning cycle because the individuals will start to struggle mostly on the reflective observation as they wouldn’t be able to concentrate enough to reflect.

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Learning disability Having a learning disability can effect there learning cycle because if a service user who has down syndrome may find it hard to think which can cause problems for them by learning something and forgetting new information.Peers Peers can affect each other’s learning for example if a activist and a reflector where paired together to do a piece of work, their learning styles would clash together and the reflector would find it hard to communicate with their ideas across.MotivationIf the person is not motivated or is motivated to do something it can determine if they do the concrete experience action or not Having no motivation to do something makes it difficult to go ahead and do it anyway making it impossible to complete the learning style.

Time Kolb’s cycle can be time consuming and not having enough time to complete the cycle can make it difficult for a person to learn from experience .Some learning influences may each affect each individual in some way. One influence could be friends because friends can influence you in a positive way such as motivating you helping you with work and the way you act in class and also sharing learning experiences with you. However the influence of friends can have some negatives sides such as not allowing you to do or complete your work and making you go out with them for example to a party on a weekend also not allowing you to reach the deadline of assignments this can change your behaviour in the learning environment. Another influence may be social networking sites such as Facebook and instagram etc. they have overtaken many young people’s lives.

Some individuals use slang consistently through Facebook or texting this will have a negative effect on the learning process. Another influence may be the internet and search engine sites such as Google they have a positive influence on our learning process as they can search information very quickly which will develop our knowledge and increases our learning process however internet may increase our knowledge and give ideas rather than reading a book for example .The impact of key influences on the personal learning process on own learning Time managementTime management can influence my learning by going to college especially when deadlines are involved I try to attend lessons on time and try to be very punctual so I don’t miss any important information that may benefit me. A disadvantage of time management is if I do not organise my time correctly this will then mean I will miss deadlines and hand in my work late.

Relationships: Relationships can influence my learning because it could create barriers for example family, friends and peers can peer pressure me into doing things I don’t want to necessarily want to do. Socialising with friends could be a disadvantage because they will be a distraction and they could make me late when handing deadlines in and can make me late for some lessons which may lead to me missing out information in lessons .Also relationships can be bad influence as they can distract from your work and they can also change your behaviour and attitude towards something for example if your friend is relaxed I don’t want to work mood and it spreads and make you feel like you don’t want to do it. Learning environment : This can influence my learning as because I can’t concentrate on my work if the atmosphere is crowded, noisy or lack of resources other than that home life can be a distraction as when you’re at home I don’t practically want to do my work I just want to relax so if I’m doing work at home I tend to put my work off which then affects the deadline dates .GoalsWhen I set myself goals , this positively influences my learning because I have something to work towards in the long –term which keeps me motivated if I stay focused on the goal . I’ve wanted to be a midwife for about 2 years now, and as a result of setting myself the long-term goal of trying to achieve my dream job, I have worked hard throughout school and throughout the first year of college .

I get stressed out about the work load that I have , and when I really don’t think I will be able submit up to a distinction on time of the deadline date , I think I would just give up if I didn’t have my ultimate career goal in the back of my mind.Organisation Organisation influences my learning positively because when I am organised everything needed is set out already for me so I don’t need to waste time. For example if I make a plan I need to stick to it such as completing tasks such as P1 and P2 in one day and M1 the next day and then I can plan ahead for what I need to know for when I do start .

This reduces the time spent when i actually go to do the work for example I always write a check list of things I need to include to meet the criteria this influences my learning positively because it reduces the resubmission I get this will also help me to get work done quicker , as I know what I need to do and can work through it swiftly .This essay will be the evaluation of how my personal learning and development could potentially benefit others and perhaps actually improve their personal learning. I am currently studying health and social care and I have developed and gained new skills and knowledge during this course I am able to use these skills and knowledge to benefit the people around me at home, I am able to help my sister with her science revision for her exams based on the knowledge I have on from unit 5 anatomy and physiology.

For example she was revising for biology and she didn’t understand the cardiovascular system, respiratory system and how the circulatory systems helps the body to function and due to my knowledge I was able to give her the assistance she needed and break down the work in my own way so she understood it. Another example was at my work placement at unicorn nursery. I had worked with a child who has a learning disability and I used simple gestures such as I said “the colour pink” to point the different colours of the Lego we played with. I also changed the tone and the pitch of my voice so I made him more comfortable around me the whole time that I was at placement. It is always important to be friendly towards service users and smiling and using lots of body gestures because it can go a long way for example when I was reading a book to the children at my placement I found that the more body language I used for the characters with the book the more interested the children got and want to participate. 1ST EXAMPLEI believe that throughout this course I believe my personal learning has developed, which has benefited services users that I have come to contact with during my placement. I believe that when I attended my placement and engaged with residents at Verona court , because of my development throughout the course I was able to provide sympathy and empathy appropriately I also believe that effective communication in health and social care has helped me to communicate much better with others, especially whilst my placement. Learning effective communication has helped me provide methods to use when communicating with service users such as building relationships and defusing aggression , which were two methods I applied during my placement whilst I was a Verona court 2ND EXAMPLEOver the year both positive and negative influences have influenced my learning .

The skill that I have developed for is my aspiration to become a midwife this influences my learning in away that it gives me hunger to learn new things and improve my knowledge I will be able to go onto the next stage of my development. I believe that if I did not have such desire to be a midwife , it would affect my learning by creating a mental blockage which would stop my ability take things in and learn as I would become lazy and not interested from the lack of direction in my life as soon as I realised what I wanted to do as a career.3rd exampleMy learning style is pragmatist as I like to receive feedback from others about my work, I like to try new things out and I would rather get on with tasks than talk about it.

Being a pragmatist is that I have a clear understanding between thinking and what has to be done, if there are opportunities I like to try them out this way I will gain more knowledge as what I need to do..SkillsGood listenerWell organisedTime managementGood at team workConfidentTeam buildingDedicatedMotivatedProblem solvingPracticeI have had work experience in working within the residential home at Verona court. I had to know the different legislations and safeguarding and why it is important but also I had to learn where the different fire safety exits were just in care a fire decided to occur. I had to know what would you if a patient fell and injured themselvesKnowledge At the start of the course I already researched about health and social care.

I looked up the different carers I can go into.I have family members who work within the NHS and they would give me advice on what career is good and beneficial on what they have to on a daily basis.BeliefsI believe in equality that everybody should be treated equally whether you have different race, religion, sexuality, or change of gender. KnowledgeSkillsPractice BeliefsCareer aspirationsValuesValuesMy family is priority for meI believe in true friendshipI believe in honestyI believe that all people deserve the same quality of lifeI respect other people regardless of their race, gender , sexuality, culture, background or disability I appreciate knowledge and skills Career aspirationsMy career aspirations is to be a midwife in order to achieve this I will need to complete the level 3 health and social course and hopefully pass my GCSE maths and English and go to universityPersonal goals What you know now? Desire outcome(What do you want to develop?) How will you get there?(who, what will help you?) Evidence of development Date and signature achieved Knowledge I am currently doing level 3 health and social care I have already researched what the course is about and what career opportunities I can go into. I want to develop more knowledge on midwifery and how to progress even more I will get there by studying more about the career I have chosen so my knowledge is increased The evidence of development is that I’m doing the health and social course to gain more knowledge 20/06/2018skills Good communicationGood listeningMotivatedDedicatedGood at team workConfidentWell organisedTime managementGood at problem-solving.

The skills I want to develop is my vocal skills to be able to speech in front of people by doing presentation work. I will get there by using the skills that I have and the experience that I will get by doing work experience The evidence of development is that i will be doing more presentation work to boost my confidence by talking in front of people 23/03/2018Career aspirations I have researched the career that I want to go into and that is to be a midwife. I want to develop this by doing work experience in midwifery and see if this is the career I want to go into I will get there by completing the level3 health and social care course and to pass my GCSE maths and English by getting a place in university of my choice The evidence of development is that I will be doing work experience to get more skills and experience in the healthcare setting 3/08/2019Action plan for self-development


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