Unit of virus and infection and the stopping

Unit LD206C – Support individuals to maintain personal hygieneUnderstand the importance of good personal hygiene1.1 -Explain why personal hygiene is importantPersonal hygiene is very important as this shows how clean an individual is and appearing physically presentable. Personal hygiene can check the control of virus and infection and the stopping the presentation of offensive body odour Where the individual is having regular bath, applying deodorant to hold perspiration, offering regular haircuts, if male having a good shave always. Making sure the individual is washing their hands after using the toilet or touching any dirty surfaces.

1.2 -Describe the effects of poor personal hygiene on health and well-beingThe effects of poor personal hygiene on health and wellbeing is many as varied. When an individual is does not have regular bath, the build up of sweat can give way to offensive scents especially the clothes are not washed. When the teeth of the individual is not brushed, the deposit of the food taken will rot and this will cause bad breath, swelling and bleeding gum also bacterial infection. If the socks and shoes of the individual is not hygienically taken care, could result in foot rot, fungal infection because of lack of aeration and changing and washing of socks and shoes. a Lack of proper hygiene leads to infections, offensive odour which is not good to the health of the individual and affect the individual socially, since others cannot put up with the stench.

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Be able to support individuals to maintain personal hygiene2.1 -Support an individual to understand factors that contribute to good personal hygieneIt is important to support an individual with personal hygiene, but they have to be explained to why personal hygiene standards has to be maintained at all times. The individual must know why it is important to shave, why it is important to have a bath, why it is to wash hands always, why it is important to change clothes and beddings.

2.2 -Address personal hygiene issues with the individual in a sensitive manner without imposing own valuesWhen addressing the issue of personal hygiene with an individual it is not right to impose my own values. I must make sure I am making eye to eye contact with the individual, explaining what good personal hygiene is to them, if at any time they refuse, they are not to be forced, but go away and allow some time and go back to the individual offering them the same, many at times they will agree to carry on with a bit of encouragement.2.3 -Support the individual to develop awareness of the effects of poor hygiene on othersI always ask individuals if they are happy to have their bath before breakfast or they prefer breakfast before bath. This way the individual has been offered the choice and aware. I always come down to the head level of the individual, and make sure I maintain eye to eye contact explaining what I am about to do with them.

2.4 -Support the preferences and needs of the individual while maintaining their independenceSome individuals have their preferences, due to their culture, faith and religion. For example, some individuals from Islamic backgrounds will prefer a support worker of the same gender to provide support than that of the opposite gender. It is therefore important to read an individual support plan to make sure they prefer cross gender support during personal care..2.5 -Describe how to maintain dignity of an individual when supporting intimate personal hygieneAnytime I must support an individual with personal care, I make sure I present respect in how I speak, explain what I will do.

I make sure the individual feels safe, close the curtains and doors to protect the dignity of the individual. I either have the individual wrapped up in the bath size towel or dressing gown depending on their choices.2.

6 -Identify risks to own health in supporting an individual with personal hygiene routinesThere is so much risk involved when supporting an individual. Transfer of diseases, bacteria, virus and fungus can take place because of not adhering to practice standards. During support, I wash my hands before and after supporting an individual so that I don’t carry any form of infection to both members of staff and other individuals. I wear an apron during bath session 2.7 -Reduce risks to own health when supporting the individual with personal hygiene routines When supporting an individual, there is the need for the use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).Gloves: I need to put on gloves at any given time when supporting an individual with personal hygiene; shaving, bathing, change of incontinence pads and catheter, cleansing and doing their laundry. This way their risk of infection control is maximised, and transmission is minimised.Apron: I wear an apron during personal hygiene times to prevent catching and the spread of infection and keep my clothes free of any spillage.

Over shoes: I wear over shoes when showering an individual to prevent me carry any infection from and to the individuals.Coloured bags: It is important to know the use of a red or yellow bag. The red bag carries all soiled or incontinent clothing which should be tied before put into the washing machine on sluice, while the yellow bag is for the disposal of clinical waste, thus incontinence pads, wound dressing, used gloves and aprons all going into the clinical waste wheelie bin and must always be locked..2.

8 -Identify others who may be involved in supporting the individual to maintain personal hygieneOthers who may be involved with the support of an individual’s personal hygiene may include:• The GP, who will check and prescribe medication in case of an infection.• Incontinence Nurse, who will carry out an assessment for an individual to allow them the use of incontinence pads.• Occupational Therapist (OT): Will assess to see the best form of equipment like a hoist or bath board or mowfit raiser all needed for Moving and TransferUnderstand when poor hygiene may be an indicator of other underlying personal issues3.1 -Identify underlying personal issues that may be a cause of poor personal hygieneUnderlying issues that may cause an individual poor personal hygiene and needs looking at includes:a. Self-neglect: An individual will neglect him or herself because of the confidence once had is lost. This way they feel there is no one to support them, this is the point at which they no more care about their personal hygiene making it become unpleasant for themselves and others.b.

Financial issues: Another area to look at is the financial aspect. Is the individual being subject to financial abuse?c. Health issues: Check to find out if the individual is having any health issue.

For example, the individual is in a high level of pain. Therefore cannot go to buy toiletries, leaving them have personal hygiene 3.2 -Describe how underlying personal issues might be addressedIt is very important to investigate into what the is causing the individual not to have a good personal hygiene.If the individual has self-neglected, they must be reassured, encourage what it is to have one looking presentable.If financial issues, I will have to report to my Manager for complete investigation to be carried out.If health issues are cause, the individual will need to be referred to see a GP to look at what is bothering the health of the individual.


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