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2017/2018 – S2

LIM WEI JIA 151332380


3.1 Organizational Communication 4-5
3.2 Written Communication 5
3.3 Small Group Communication 6
3.4 Public Relation 6
3.5 Communication Channel (Technology) 7


The company that had been chosen for this report is Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Nowadays, the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is one of the leading fast food Franchise concepts. KFC had been present in many countries around the world and has been proficient to launch a renowned International reputation in multiple continents. The chain primarily sells chicken pieces and variations such as chicken burgers, wraps and as well as side dishes such as coleslaw and soft drinks.

There are many ways to promote their products to make their customers trust and satisfied such as use effective brand building and marketing promotions, and use product launches such as Colonel Rice combo. Furthermore the launch of KFC’s new “Colonel” logo, plus new staff uniform and product packaging also give the strong expansion for the KFC network, with 39 new stores being opened during the year in Malaysia and nine in Singapore.

The objectives of this report are to determine the communication that used between the workers and company. Next, are to observe the type of channel or medium that used to promote the new menu or product. This report also wants to observe the communication activities in this company. This is because the communications plays such a big part in our lives today.



KFC Holdings is known as branded chicken retail chain operator. KFC Holding in Malaysia operates about 620 KFC outlets comprising of Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, India and Cambodia. This company known as nation’s first branded chicken and chicken based retail chain because of 52 Restaurants Ayamas owning by the Group of KFC Holdings.

KFC Holdings also generally involved in poultry processing and production, as well as a host of auxiliary business such as baking, sauce production and vegetables farming, which KFC Holding not only focused on serve fast food as main business.

KFC Holding has emerged as powerful big company in Malaysia’s business and retail world with high and good reputation for excellent product, financial strength and efficient friendly service. Undoubtedly, KFC Holding is the one KFC restaurant operator whose serve Western Quick Service Restaurant market not only in Malaysia but also worldwide. KFC Holding operates service has been the franchisee of KFC chain in Singapore, Brunei, India and Cambodia instead not only in Malaysia.

After 38 years of ‘Finger Lickin Good’, KFC Holding changed the tagline to simplest ‘So Good’ which is reflects to KFC Holding commitment to place, product, promotion, price and people. ‘So Good’ is a delicious and good meal shared between family and friends. KFC Holding is entire building a brand that brings people together and creates that ‘So Good’ moments. Furthermore, the best of the cover illustrates ‘So Good’ which is what the brand is all about.

KFC Holding want to be able to grow alongside its customers. Also the KFC Holding wants this growth to be dynamic which known as Dynamic Growth. As it explores new territories that bring its typical brands to more communities across the region.


In view of the annual report from Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in 2017, a few cases demonstrate the organization shows communication skills in the activity. Most importantly, KFC is a marking organization that pitches nourishments and beverages to individuals. To keep up the task of this organization, communication assumes a significant part in critical thinking and pull in clients. From the annual report communication skills, for example, organization communication, interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, small group communication, and so forth are appeared.


As a marking organization, organization communication is vital. Organization communication is a procedure by which exercises of a public are gathered and composed to achieve the objectives of both individual and the aggregate gathering. It is a subfield of general correspondence thinks about. It is frequently a part of successful administration in a work environment condition. Organization communication is partitioned into two sorts, which are internal organization and external organization communication.

Internal organization communication is additionally isolated into three sub-classifications, which are upward, downward and horizontal. A few cases of internal organization communication is appeared in the yearly report 2016 of KFC are for each gathering, the Board which comprise of at least 5 executives will get refreshes with respect to the issue concerning money related, operational execution, business, market and advancement that ought to know about from the CEO, the Chief Financial Officer, and the individual Board Committee Chairman. From here, it can be unmistakably observed that internal downward organization communication is rehearsed as the message is being passed on from higher-ups to bring down rank and not including the outer organization.

Another case is review advisory group meeting, the Chairman of the Audit Committee will briefs the Board verbally on the substance of the gathering. This demonstrates another case of internal downward organization communication. As per the report, amid Audit Committee gatherings, the general population from administration and inward review talk about critical revealed matters to reaffirm a typical comprehension of the issues and Management’s sense of duty regarding enhancing the present arrangement of inside control to address the issues. From above articulation, the administration and inside review are of a similar level, in this way it is known as interior even association correspondence where a similar rank officer is having correspondence and they are in a similar organization. Then again, outer association correspondence includes exchange amongst KFC and different organizations, for instance, amid the second review board of trustees meeting, outside evaluators are welcome to go to the gatherings to display their review design and review discoveries, and to help the review council in its survey of the unaudited money related reports and year-end monetary proclamations. The exchange is done between the internal party and external party.


Other than that, to report a gathering, notice or email are expected to assemble required individual from the distinctive division. In this manner, written communication is being polished in the organization. Written communication implies communication by composed image. From the yearly report, all load up individuals are given data in an auspicious way. The gathering motivation is set and load up papers are coursed preceding planned Board gatherings through messages or physical duplicates to guarantee adequate time is given to the Directors to get ready or look for illumination from Management or to counsel the Company Secretaries or free consultants, previously the Board gatherings, if vital. This empowers the Directors to talk about the issues adequately at Board gatherings. The key point here is the message is being passed on through email and physical duplicates to every chief to educate them and let them have enough time to get ready. Furthermore, to spread data to investors and invested individuals, KFC utilizes its site, booklets and official statements to declare the news. This demonstrates another case of written communication.

Next is the small group communication is appeared in the organization’s task. As per Cragan and Wright, (1999) small group communication is a couple of individuals occupied with communication connection after some time ordinarily in eye to eye settings, who have shared objectives and standards and have built up a communication design for meeting their objectives in reliant behavior. As for the situation think about, the Board meets no less than 5 times each year, with extra gatherings for specific issues met as and when fundamental. The load up comprises of 5-10 individuals and they cannot truant in excess of 3 times. Thus, the condition satisfied the small group communication interchanges where they meet up close and personal to talk about an issue with similar objectives and the gathering comprises of 5-10 individuals.


Besides, the report additionally demonstrates that the public relation open connection aptitudes. To advance their items investors and other invested individuals, KFC makes the declaration to Bursa Malaysia, its site, roundabout and official statements, interviews are directed now and again with nearby writers by Management and detailed in the neighborhood media. This demonstrates to draw in more client to their organization, they utilize open connection correspondence expertise. Other than that, for each gathering including investor or outside gatherings, the Board briefs investors on the Group’s venture and expound on proposition for which endorsement of investors is being looked for or to draw in different gatherings to join. This obviously demonstrated another case of public relation.


A communication channel is refer to the medium which is used in transmission of a message from one party to another party such as print media or broadcast media. Channel is also defined as a method or system for communication or distribution in Oxford Dictionaries. Nowadays, as the internet has changed the way people work and interact, social media has broadly used by company as the channel to solve the crisis. Social media can be used as primary means of communication or as an alternative or even additional method for communication. Social media provides many ways to disseminate information in a fast, inexpensive and efficient manner which this help to get right information to the right person at the right time. (Connie M. White, 2011) Moreover, social media is also being used as an alternative way for emergency managers to communicate with the public as well as each other. It provides a free and easy way to disseminate large amounts of information to large group of people quickly yet efficiently. (Connie M. White, 2011) Therefore, when KFC Malaysia is facing the communication crisis back in year 2011 regarding about the fight case happened in one of the outlet, KFC Malaysia used Facebook as one of the channel to solve the crisis. The company keep the customers regular updates about the investigation by posting the status on its Facebook page. Other than that, when the food tampering happened in June 2011, KFC Malaysia used social media such as Facebook and YouTube as the channel to solve the communication crisis. The company try to restore back their brand images by telling its side of the story and they have created Question & Answer section in their social media page. And this has successfully lead KFC Malaysia out of the crisis.


From above, the downward organizational communication is shown in the advisory group meeting and audit committee gatherings. The message is being passed from higher position in organization to lower workers. This is recommended to have upward organizational communication. The upward communication is the flow of information from front line employees to managers, supervisors, and directors. Therefore, the company can get feedbacks from the front line employees which might help to improve the quality of meeting. Employees are encouraged to talk out the problem facing for improvements and company benefits.

For written communication, the company implemented well for gathering motivation and passing of information in more details efficiently. The written communication such as the gathering motivation provide enough time for the Directors to intreprete the informations from management. They also well using the written communication by sending emails to the employees to educate and inform them for better preparation. Besides, the investors and invested individuals data are spreading by the written communication such as its site, booklets and official statements to declare the news.

Furthermore, their meetings normally made in small group, which is formed about 5 to 10 persons, and is very efficient for discussion. They are more met to the objective of discussion by the small group communication. KFC company board meeting are held not less than 5 times each year and immediately carry out extra gathering for special issue. However, they are suggested to involve some larger communcation such as organizational communication to gain more suggestions and recommendations.

Besides that, they well used the public relation to promote their products. They also advance their items by investors and other invested individuals by declaration to Bursa Malaysia. Their statement, interviews and others are now written by neighbourhood media which help more client to have more connection with them. This help a lot to improve the company profits.

Lastly, KFC company also well used of communication channel, for transmission of massages and promoting the product. The good examples of using this communication channel are print media or broadcast media since internet is the fastest media that can pass the massage, therefore, they can solve their crisis problem. This shows KFC well used of the communication channel especially social media in their development. They done well to inform or announces notices on social media when issue had happened like in 2011. By comments and feedbacks from the customers, they can solve the issues very fast and efficient. By all of this, KFC company manage to restore their image by the communication channel. In overall, KFC company did a good example in using the communication channel.


Finally, we can understand from the above, this company have their strategy and well used of all communication activities to improve for their promotions and communication with their customers. By this report, we know a lot about KFC which is their motivational strategies, marketing organization, communication skill and so on. The communication activities also had been identifying through the annual report 2016 and each of them had been analysed as stated in above. The suggestions and recommendations are written for each communication activites for further improvements. Lastly, we also come to know that people from different country and culture also will come and find KFC if they are travelling. It shows that their customers had trust and loyal to KFC. In overall, KFC company well used of the communication skill for developing its company and business.

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