Until top of this we have the Christian,

Until Christ comes again, there will be an unsettled conflict between those adverse to the things of God and those who love and fear God. Since the Tower of Babel, we have seen cultures clash and merge. Like the Middle Ages when classical, Christian, and pagan cultures synthesized, America began with a clash of cultures as the English colonists met the Indians and shipped in the Africans. Three cultures collided. Greed, racism, hate, religion, superiority and the fruits of the flesh seemed to define the times. Wars, treaties, force and laws ended with a semblance of peace as the cultures found their place in society.

However, we still see racial tension. On top of this we have the Christian, secular, and other religious cultures that are constantly clashing. The US raises the banner of religious freedom, yet there are those who are being fined for not baking a cake or agreeing to host a same-sex marriage. (Pilon) Is this a clash of cultures or a clash of good versus evil? Will America ever be settled? I say no. Not really.

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The hearts of men rage, yet in the midst there is a sort of settling. It is the mystery that comes when people love and fear God. With such racial divide, the Samaritan man helped the Hebrew. During the Nazi regime and genocide, German Dietrich Bonhoeffer defended the Jews. While white evil masters cruelly oppressed blacks, whites help forge the Underground Railroad. While some Muslims oppress Christians, Christians invite Muslims into their homes for dinner.

The fear and love of God triumphs. God settles but God shakes up. God allows the unsettling to draw men to Himself. He does not want complacent followers. During the unsettling, man searches for Truth. There He is found and we become settled.


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