Upon of my relevant skills and experience include;

Upon learning of your need for a ProgramAssistant from GB Olarewaju, I felt compelled to submit my résumé for yourreview. I am a new immigrant who gained permanent residency that stronglybelieves that my on-the-job experience gained internationally in diverseindustries has given me a well-rounded transferable skill set.

  Being a motivated professional with experience providing ampleadministrative and organizational support to drive program success, I am confidentin my ability to be a valuable asset to your team.Highlights of my relevant skills and experience include;·       Performing a fullscope of support tasks for senior-level managers—including scheduling, filing, documenting,reporting, and records management in daily operations—while ensuring optimalefficiency and goal achievement.·       Multi-tasking whileproviding a high degree of problem-solving, communication, and interpersonalskills.·      Perfect attention todetail and a proven ability to carry out designated tasks speedily andprofessionally.·       Honing proficiencyin Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.·       Strong ability tofollow instructions, learn new tasks and computer applications with confidenceand ease.With my proven commitment to delivering superior support, I am readyto extend my record of exceptional service to your team at the University ofGuelph. I welcome the opportunity to discuss this position and myqualifications with you further.

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