Urisk leather armchair, eyes moving across the page

Urisk was described as having the lower half of a goat and theupper half of a man, was known to haunt pools of water and waterfalls near theScottish Highlands, and chronicled as being lonely, seeking out humancompanionship; The unusual nature of his physical appearance frightened awayanyone he would try to interact with. Despite being famous for helping farmerstend to their fields, he was also known to frighten humans by following themthrough the dark and lonely places of the world, but few knew that he did neitherof these two things. For, if he wasn´t sitting by lonely pools, waiting forpassers-by in the hope of friendship, he could be found at Saint Mary´shospital, with his therapist. You have to feel sorry for him. The therapistthat is… Saint Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury, CT; Dr. Andre leaned back in his leather armchair, eyes movingacross the page in his notepad. “Master Urisk is it?”Urisk took in a deep breath, rubbing his large pointed earsand furrowing his hairless brows set deep in his drawn, gaunt face.

“Yes, Doctor.”Andre looked up from his notepad, and gestured to a smallchildren´s toy, not quite dissimilar from a wood truck, resting on the floor. “Let´s discuss your childhood, shall we?”Urisk wringed his hands together, sitting up from hisresting position on the couch, seeming as if he wished to leave, and with goodreason, that is.

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As a childling he was always the last picked by playgroundfootball captains, shunned by the other children due to his concerningly thinhair.”Do not leave yet, we´ve barely begun the session, Master.”Dr. Andre spoke urgently, moving his hands frantically, as if afraid. He wasused to therapying fae, but usually these were of a more humane looking nature.

“I shall continue the session, but I wish for you to lookat me during its entire duration.” Urisk felt a pang of disgust while he saidthis. The doctor shunned him for his peculiar appearance, just like all others,apparently unable of looking at Urisk for more than half an hour.  “Of course, it is only appropriate I do so,” Andre spokecarefully, aware of the thin thread he was hanging on to, “but do tell, why isit you wished to leave?””I had no desire of leaving, merely flustered by the question,that´s all. You see doctor, as a child, despite my athletic prowess I wasalways left out because of my looks, and well, that memory caused my anger toswell.

“Urisk left out the part where he felt pain at being leftout, he may be fae, but he was a fae child at some point too, and children feelemotions much more delicately than adults do. It was at this early stage too,that Urisk began to lose his hair, except for his beard.”Does this mean you do not like the experiences you had asa child?”Dr. Andre began to take notes, as usual, noting the factthat Urisk dislikes his childhood memories, forgetting for a moment that he wassupposed to stare at Urisk for the entirety of the session.

Mayhap Urisk willforget or won´t notice at all that the good doctor deviated his eyes.”As a matter of fact, yes; but this feeling is notrestricted to childhood experiences, I become angry still.”The doctor´s hands began to shake slightly as he staredinto the eyes of Urisk. Afraid of asking the question he was supposed to ask:”Angry still at what, if I may ask?”Dr. Andre´s voice was trembling slightly and he began tostand up cautiously while he asked the little question, trying to hide hismovements from Urisk.”If only you would listen to me — I’m really quite asimple being,” Urisk stood up and began to pace around his couch, lookingdirectly into the doctor´s eyes. “Well, you are known as being humble and lonely.”The doctor laughed nervously, trying to comment withoutputting himself in any further danger.

Unaware to the fact that he was alreadyin very much danger.”Humble, what a lovely description of me, but lonely?Oh, that word. Why in the world would I be lonely? Perhaps my looks…”Urisk put himself directly in front of the door, allowingno one inside, or out. He felt despondent because of repeated rejection, onlystronger in hope that some soul may take to him, even if only in sympathy.Can´t the man see that what makes Urisk angry still is the fact that he lookedaway? Doesn´t the doctor realize that he made an awful mistake in looking away?”Yo-u-uu-r loo-k-ks?” Dr.

Andre was no longertrembling slightly; he was now stuttering and shaking uncontrollably. “Indeed, my looks, those same looks that you find sorepulsive that you had to look away,” Urik was snarling while he grabbedthe doctor by the neck, lifting him up the floor whilst choking him. “Andthe last looks you will see before you die.” He holds an air of longing; the chance offinding a soul mate is a far away goal. Ready, willing and able, the Uriskwould make a loyal and trustworhty companion, if not so misunderstood.

Humble and lonely, the Urisk is notdespondent because of repeated rejection, only stronger in hope that some soulmay take to him, even if only in sympathy. He holds an air of longing; theinfrequency of such kithain means the chance of finding a soul mate is a faraway goal. Ready, willing and able, the Urisk would make a loyal andtrustworhty companion, if not so misunderstood. 


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