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Use of Alternative Energy Sources Is Economical and Beneficial
Almost every country in the world has been making use of the non-renewable sources of energy in their domestic as well as industrial needs. The fossil fuel has been in use by people since time immemorial. However, the worrying aspect is, what if these sources of energy undergo depletion? As such, the alternative energy sources such as the harnessing of wind, geothermal power, hydroelectric power, as well as biomass have received a number of suggestions to replace the fossils as sources of energy. A lot of arguments have been raised regarding the use of the alternative sources of energy, for instance, some people claim that it calls for a high level of capital investment before setting up geothermal or wind energy sources. As such, it is difficult to convince people to abandon the fossil sources of energy and start making use of energy. However, the adoption of alternative sources of energy hold a number of benefits to the humans, as well as the environment such as helping in saving as well as making money, aids in protecting the environment, and also helping in improving people’s health. Additionally, a number of nations such as Costa Rica have been making use of the alternative energy sources for as long as since 2015 and the activity had resulted in boosting the energy state of those nations (McKenna). As such, I am of the opinion that first world countries such as the US should also adopt these forms of alternative energy sources, before encouraging the rest of the third world nations to follow suit.
First, the introduction of alternative sources of energy does not only minimize the financial costs of consumers, but it also results in the creation of more money. For instance, the creation of approximately 150 billion dollar investment will result in about 1.5 million sources of jobs, an act that will help in reducing the unemployment cases in the United States of America. The primary reason as to why the introduction of alternative sources of energy could result in high level of job creation is that the installation process is labor intensive (Samuelson). As such, more manpower will get needed in its installation, thus creating more jobs for the Americans. Additionally, unlike the fossil sources of energy such as petroleum products which keeps on fluctuating in their prices, alternative sources of energy such as the wind energy only requires the installation fee, after which the user will have the privileges of free usages as much as the system is working properly, thus helping people to save their extra money that would be used to cater for the ever-changing prices of the fossil fuels. Additionally, a report shows that the prices of the renewable sources have gone down in terms of consuming costs in the past 25 years (Timmons et al. 32). This means that as more alternative energy sources of energy sources gets introduced, the more it will be relatively cheaper, leading to the relieving of the consumers from high costs of energy bills. Even more, it would be advisable for the conversation from the fossil to alternative energy sources to take place now so as to help individuals realize its benefits at such early times. Therefore, the introduction of alternative sources of energy stands to save people, especially the Americans in saving more money, while at the same time enabling them to make more money through the creation of jobs during the installation. It will be a win-win- situation for the producers and consumers respectively.
Alternative energy sources will aid in reducing the adverse impacts of environmental pollution that usually arises from the excessive use of fossil fuel. The use of petroleum products and other non-renewable sources of energy are likely to result in increased level of environmental effects such as emission of greenhouse gases, and other forms of pollution that result in the greenhouse effect. However, the act of using alternative energy sources will result in the United States as a country taking part in the vision of making the world a pollution-free zone. Unlike the fossil fuel that does not compose, leading to the pollution of the general environment, renewable sources such as wind and hydro-energy tend to emit no harmful fumes in the environment, thus having a significant impact in reducing the greenhouse effects. Additionally, as much as the global population keeps on rising, it means that the need for more energy consumption will keep on rising ( As such, activities such as extraction of oil, deforestation and so forth, all in attempt to create more energy sources to cater to the rising needs will result in further ruining of the environment. In an effort to prevent such impacts on the environment, solar energy is the ideal source as the amount of sunlight falling on the US in a single day as much as the whole energy that the country can consume in the whole year. Additionally, in regards to the wind power, the California state alone holds the capability of producing as much as 11 percent wind energy of the entire globe (Nikolewski). As such, the campaign for the communities to switch from the traditional fossil fuel to the alternative energy sources will play a significant impact in the effort of achieving a cleaner as well as better environment to support human and animal life.
In addition to saving people’s cash as well as protecting the environment, alternative energy sources play a significant role in ensuring good health for the people. Through the reduction, as well as complete use of the fossil fuels that usually results in the emission of greenhouse gases, there will be a significant reduction in the levels of air pollution on the globe (Magill). Usually, harmful gases that emanate from burning petroleum products and combustion of coal results in risky health conditions such as lung cancer. Additionally, the pollutants arising from the burning of fossil fuels usually leads to climate changes which are the largest threat to human life. For instance, climate change tends to have adverse effects on the clean air for breathing, results in the acidic rain which jeopardizes the sources of clean water for drinking, corrosion of buildings as well as the poisoning of plants which are the primary source of food for humanity. Also, excessive combustion of fossil fuels results in climate change will leads to outbreak of deadly diseases such as plaque (ECDC). As such, coming up with alternative approaches of alternative energy sources will help in curbing of outbreaks of various diseases such as plaque and lung cancer that tend to result in deaths of individuals.
Despite the significant benefits that the world stands to gain by switching from the traditional fossil fuels to the alternative ones, there are a number of opposers who are against the idea. Such people usually give a number of reasons such as the renewable energy is relatively expensive as well as the plan taking up a lot of space as being the reason as to why it should not undergo the process of implementation. However, such claims are not tangible, and thus should not be a barrier for the world to transform to the use of the renewable sources of energy.
First, the argument that renewable sources of energy are costly is nothing but only, a surface truth. Although to some extent, the installation of wind turbines, geothermal as well as hydroelectric plants, tend to be relatively expensive at first. However, as time moves on, the costs get reduced as the power will start getting harnessed free of charge. Additionally, if an organization or an individual ends up producing excess energy, they might end up reselling the same energy to the firm, or even to the surrounding community, leading to the practice being beneficial, other than cost.
Another claim by the opponents of the alternative energy is that it takes up a lot of energy . For any person that owns a small yard or small roof their house, they have at least received these sentiments from others that turning to alternative energy sources such as wind or solar will not be possible as it calls for more room. However, this claim can easily get overcaome by individuals interested in setting up alternative energy source. For instance, one can make the decision of collaborating with their neighbors so that their small yards provides more room to get used as fields for installing wind turbines or even solar panels to harness the wind as well as solar energy respectively. The claim of the small room should never be a hindrance for a person having the dream of switching from fossil fuel sources to the alternatives ones such as wind and solar energy.
Summarily, there is a significant need for the developed nations in the world such as the US to champion for the cleaner as well as sustainable sources of energy. Going for alternative sources of energy will help in improving the economy of the world through the creation of millions of jobs. Additionally, initiation of the renewable sources of energy will trigger the reduction of prices of the energy prices, leading to the saving of funds for the citizens. Consequently, going for alternative energy sources such as wind, solar and hydro-energy will result in the improvement of the condition of the environment in terms of pollution. The issue of environmental pollution has for a long time been the worst challenge of humanity and making use of less pollutant energy sources will be a huge step towards achieving a pollution-free earth. Finally, adopting the alternative sources of energy will help in combating deadly diseases such as lung cancer as well as a plaque that tends to be in existence as w result of climate change which emanates from excessive use of fossil fuels. We all have the obligation of switching from fossil


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