Using is essentially the most precious asset humans

Using time effectively was one of the lessons that my father ever taught me since I was a child.

He always reminded me, “In all the waste, most blame is wasting time,” and “Time is essentially the most precious asset humans have.” As the first moment when I attended to school in Vietnam, my father wanted me to spend all the time on studying; therefore, he forced and pushed me to study around the clock, so that I could earn high grades at school. After graduating from the high school in 2008, I got an opportunity to immigrate to the United State of America, where my father did not neither stay around nor kept an eye on what I had done after school. As a result, I began to use my free time for entertainment instead of studying. I thought it was not impacting my life until I gained a lot of weighing, influenced my family relationship and failed ESL class last semester because of spending too much time on online activities. Thus, I realize I almost used my gap time to spend on Facebook, for online shopping, and online games.

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