Value offerings as well as creating value

Value is a concept of worth.

It is a function of quality over payment, and a product’s value is increased by an improvement in quality, a reduction in the amount paid, or both. The meaning of value-added service in the health care industry is all about improving patient outcomes. For a hospital with value-added service it can mean high quality care, safety, patient satisfaction, and achieving goals in health care delivery. For the patient, it can be a variety of health care offerings such as wellness offerings (i.e.; physicals, occupational health, health screenings), fitness incentives and outreach programs.

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These added-service values are to improve health status in the long run. “This goal is what matters for patients and unites the interests of all actors in the system. If value improves, patients, payers, providers, and suppliers can all benefit while the economic sustainability of the health care system increases.” (Michael E. Porter, 2010) Added-value services are important in the health care industry because the main goal is to keep patients out of the acute care setting. These services are given to enhance health care offerings as well as creating value to services and to improve financial performance.In a hospital setting there are always room for improvement. This can range anywhere from the cafeteria food to the cleanliness of the staff and patient rooms.

The areas that stick out that can have room for improvement is insurance verification. Since the hospital is for profit and patient satisfaction is priority, proper trainings for insurance verification and billings codes should be done quarterly from any overbilling and audits done with insurance companies. The system for identifying the functional areas would begin with organized units. When the staff is organized, they can provide the best care for patients. Paradise Hospital’s main focus is providing patient’s wants and needs. The units will be composed of all personnel to help with the success of the facility. Clinical and nonclinical employees will help provide appropriate care for all patients with every type of illness. “IPUs treat not only a disease but also the related conditions, complications, and circumstances that commonly occur along with it—such as kidney and eye disorders for patients with diabetes, or palliative care for those with metastatic cancer” (Porter, M.

, 2013). Tracking performance and measuring results would follow organized units. In order for the facility to improve, we have to know where we began and the goal we are trying to accomplish. To accomplish the goal, we have to track the performance of the facility as a whole. The numbers should be recorded daily and added up at the end of every week. Keeping a track of the numbers will show where we need to make improvements and where we exceed. Over the months and/or years, the hospital expects to grow in numbers.

“…the reality is that the great majority of health care providers (and insurers) fail to track either outcomes or costs by medical condition for individual patients” (Porter, M., 2013).Another area that is very important is the technology that is used in the facility. The competition can be extremely intense and patients do not want to be seen at a facility where everything is outdated. The operations team should do annual research to find out what is the latest technology from hospital electronic medical records systems, CAT scan machines, and to the newest medications that are effective. This may require research from different aspects across the board but the hospital should be maintained and up to date. The very most important area that is always necessary for improvement is the quality of patient care.

Every employee would be required the appropriate in services and trainings for patient care quarterly. This will have the staff always ready in any kind of situation when it comes to the patient. These trainings will be held on the computer and re-certification classes will be available to the employees because patent care comes first. These areas are very essential to added-value services because both the patient and the employee benefit from them. One area that administration can add value at Paradise Hospital is having programs that market target specific conditions. For example, HealthSouth rehabilitation hospital has the number one program for strokes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD). Specific illness programs would aim to improve these chronic conditions. “Programs marketed as a service wrap around a particular product that seeks to promote adherence, resulting in improved effectiveness and increased sales.

” (Wolff, 2014) Another that administration can add value is providing alternatives for patient by partnering with different pharmacies, nursing agencies and durable medical equipment that bill their insurance companies. Patients should have options to choose from because every vendor has a different fee schedule and it would only be fair to not overbill the insurance companies. This would also bring patients back to be serviced at Paradise hospital, knowing that they are cared about and to increase revenue. The administration can also practice efficiency. Surprisingly, efficiency can be a huge advantage for staff and for patients. When patient surveys go out after discharge, this can result to positive feedback which can help with overall hospital ratings. Lastly, administration can visit patients and build relationships. Most patients just see the nurses and doctors who are part of daily operations but if administration took some time in the day to visit their customers, it would make patients feel comfortable and not so much in a hospital setting.

Overall, these areas can be led by administration to add value to Paradise Hospital.As the hospital’s new administrator, there are four services I would like to add to Paradise Hospital. I would like to add a program that provides the highest level of medical care, a prescription benefit service, a wellness program, and educational programs for employees and patients. I believe these value added services will benefit Paradise Hospital because all members of this facility will benefit from the services.

Employees and patients will be able to customize every service that is offered at the facility. As the new administrator of Paradise Hospital, I believe having the highest level of medical care for all members is the most important. As an employee of Paradise Hospital, knowing there is security when it comes down to your health is a huge plus. Being able to be treated for any type of illness or concern one may endure is very important when it comes to working at a job in the health field.

As an employee in a hospital, you are not only protecting yourself. You are also protecting the well-being of others. If employees are constantly ill, it will affect the health of everyone else within the facility. If that were the case, there would not be a facility. There would not be any to operate the hospital due to everyone being ill. The medical care employees will receive are but not limited to, drug and alcohol testing, screenings (diabetes, cholesterol, etc.), mammograms, HIV/AIDs testing, vaccinations, physicals, and blood pressure readings. By being aware of their current conditions, employees will take necessary steps to prevent conditions from worsening and/or spreading.

A prescription benefit service is another addition I would add to Paradise Hospital. I believe by adding this service, it gives patients the advantage of receiving all needed prescriptions conveniently. It is a hassle needing your prescription at that present moment and not being able to receive it.

For some individuals, not being able to receive their medication in the facility in which they are being seen can be a huge inconvenience. For instance, there are individuals that lack transportation, proper health that gives them the ability to move around freely, and funds. Prescriptions can be rather expensive. Therefore, Paradise Hospital will provide patients with prescription medication at affordable prices. The price of prescriptions will depend on health care. However, the fees will not be overwhelming. Also, by having the prescription benefit service, as a patient, you have the option to ask expert pharmacists any concerning questions that need answered.

The pharmacy would be staffed with experienced pharmacist. Patients have to feel secure not only with their physicians but with the pharmacists as well. Knowing any of the pharmacists assisting them will be more than willing to share knowledge of the medicine provided will provide patients and staff with satisfaction. Wellness programs are needed in any type of healthcare facility. Patients and employees being aware of illnesses and diseases are valuable. The employees are what help mold a facility because they are a reflection of the business. They have a huge impact on the success of a business. The wellness programs will help educate the employees.

In return, employees help with educating patients. If employees are not aware, they will not benefit the facility. Uneducated employees will result in uneducated, dissatisfied patients.

The wellness program will educate employees on all illnesses. It will improve the health of employees that may have or come in contact with any type of illness. Employees will be more cautious with people and things they interact with. Wellness programs will also help individuals live healthier lifestyles. It will provide dieting programs provided by dieticians, fitness programs provided by licensed personal trainers. The program will also provide lower health care costs in the event the programs are successful.

Lastly, Paradise Hospital will provide patients with educational programs. The educational programs would be similar to wellness programs for employees. However, patients are the targeted group for educational programs. Clinicians, dieticians, personal trainers, and physical therapist will be the providers of the information given to the patients. The programs will educate patients on how to prevent illnesses and injuries.

Educational based programs educate patients on chronic diseases, injury prevention, oral health, substance and tobacco use, and well as nutrition and physical activity (Educational and Community-Based Programs., 2014). The program will also teach patients how to live healthie lifestyles and enhance their well-being.

“Educational and community-based programs and strategies played an important role in reaching Healthy People 2010 objectives. Over the next decade, they will continue to contribute to the improvement of health outcomes in the United States” (Educational and Community-Based Programs., 2014).

In conclusion, value-added services can be beneficial for both the patient and the healthcare facility. These services are to produce revenue, prevent patients coming back to the acute care setting and to keep patients healthy. This also makes the hospital stick out from the competition.

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