Vanessa a challenge. Stealing something from a

Vanessa has had a few quirks that didn’t originally start as her own. Because of Vanessa’s powers she has adopted traits from others that would have left her pre-powered self slack-jawed.

But much of Vanessa’s personality has been maintained since her childhood. Vanessa is weary to trust individuals because of what she has seen while posing as others when they thought she was not there. Because she can never truly be sure of what the person is thinking of her she finds it hard to be completely open and honest with a person.Vanessa was always curious and inquisitive, her ability to morph allows her to explore the world through the eyes of another person. She sees her ability as a gift, but she knows it comes with a serious downside. Vanessa’s has had the experience where her powers became a temporary curse, imposing on her the quirks of one of her morphs. She has developed a no nonsense attitude for childish foolishness from her mother.

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And with that she has also absorbed her mothers maternal instincts to some degree making her found of children.Those were just the first quirks her body has permanently added into her own. She has picked up a few less distinct personality traits after her mothers. Live and Learn is a motto she believes in heavily since she had to learn what her powers really entailed.Vanessa is honestly far more playful than some would think. She looks at impersonations as a challenge. Stealing something from a highly secure area is a challenge and she enjoys the thrill of it.

Though she is sure this came from another whom she mimicked for just a little too long. Vanessa enjoys the power and freedom her powers grant her, the way she can change to whatever she wants to be if she is willing to put just a little work into it.Vanessa as a young teenager was a bit naive and a prude. But now she has a developed taste for the company of others, learning to enjoy the simple pleasures of the flesh. To the point that she sees kissing as fine a hello as a friendly wave. However, she is not easy, though she controls her own sexuality as a weapon when she wants by using her beautiful form to entice others.

Vanessa is of the opinion that most parents lied to their children when they told them they could become anything or anyone they wanted to be. For her, her parents never lied, not that they knew that would be the case. Because she can become anyone or anything when the mood strikes.


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