Veganism in age 62 after suffering with

Veganism Name: Hessa Jasem Alnuaimi ID: 201602033Instructor: Nadine jaafarawi Course: 240-014 Robin Gibb died in age 62 after suffering with colon cancer because he was vegan for more than 40 years, (Messina 2012). And because low vitamin B12 increased the risk of having colon cancer so being vegan is the reason of having low vitamins. And according to Messina, 2012 she lost three of her friends with colon cancer witch two of them was vegan and one was vegetarian.

vegan is people how are not having any dairy, eggs and animal meat and product. Many people think that being vegan will help their life to be healthier and it will save the environment. And because most people grow up eating large quantities of animal product they know stop having any and that will affect their health because they are not having enough vitamins, as lot of researches shows the bad effect of being vegan or vegetarian on your health and the environment. Being vegan is not environment friendly and it will not help us have healthier life, so people how are going vegan should know that its effect their health, effect the land space and the environment and having the possibility of early death. People have different way of thinking and have different way of eating habit and that way there is more than one type of eating diet its making each one think that the way they are eating is right and it better than other type of eating and what is going on now is that most people in the world are going vegan and in 2008 studies in the united states shows that 1.62 millions of them are going vegan (Vegan Demographics, 2017). Because most people think and believe that eating meat is going to affect their health and the environment, by that all this amount of people how are vegan they are not having any animal product such as meat, dairy and eggs and that sound hard for people how are normal and having all these types of animal product and they grow up having a large quantities of animal product.

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(Michelle,2015). Health effect. Going vegan can lead you to a lot of health problems that some of you might not know or on the other hand some people may not believe that vegan life might affect the health that much. When your body is not having any animal product that can save your health from getting any problems that is a big issue for your body itself.

first of all, not having dairy and meat is lading to lower cholesterol level than normal people that having animal product. (Judd ,2012) mention in oxford vegan study that 5,000 vegan subjects concluded having lower cholesterol level than non-vegan and when people is having lower cholesterol that will lade to other unhealthy stuff that you might think that by going vegan you are protecting your body from all this type of health issue. And at least to one medical doctor prove with evidence that having extremely low level of cholesterol may lead to early death (Judd,2012). Vitamins is one of the important things that keep us in a good health and all human need all type of vitamins to be in a good level of health, and having a low type of vitamin affect your health and some vitamins you can’t find them on planet passed diet so there is no way to change the way of having citrine type of vitamins when we are having no animal product.

Vitamin b12 is helping your body to produce red blood cells, (lynne,2017) point out that this vitamin b12 its found naturally only in animal product and there is no other way of having it as a natural vitamin, so having a vegan diet will but you in risk of having low vitamins and that lead to having anemia as well. Affecting your health is your choice when you’re going vegan because you’re not having any animal product is not the choice to be healthy and losing Wight (PETER D,2015) shows that if you stop having beef you can’t replace a kilogram of it at least of you have 6.7 kilograms of broccoli and that’s a lot. If we look around the benefits that animal product gives us there will be a lot of them and most of them we can’t replace them with any plant based product, and having about 40% meat diet is much peter than going completely meat free for your health (Allison,2016). (peter, 2015) claim that the energy that we get from the meat is higher than the one we get it from the vegetable plant themselves so when you want to replace the same amount of energy that you get from the meat by eating vegetable then you have to a lot of them and that may not work in your body after a while as its harming the environment. For a dairy product, some people concluded that it’s not important to have any dairy product to be healthy and have energy because dairy product can lead to other unhealthy problems and we can replace it with other things like almond milk for an example. That sound good but, dairy product is helping your body to work and be in a peter health than if you’re not having eggs and dairy and as (Connie,2009) point out that milk and milk product are recommended daily at amount of 3 cups at least to keep you in a peter health and gives you energy as he mentioned that there is no other natural way to replace dairy product and you can’t get the benefit as the natural resource.

Environment and land space Because most of the vegan people how decide to go on this type of diet for the rest of their life they think firs of all about the environment and that killing and having all this animal product is harming the environment. First if all vegan life is effecting the greenhouse gas environment and that lead to health problem to all humanity as (pual,2015) said “Eating lettuce is over three times worse in greenhouse gas emissions than eating bacon,” so when you are eating all this amount of vegetables you’re not helping the environment. We can tell that there are other things that effect the greenhouse climate as (Castañé, Antón,2017) claim that vegan food is a bad choice because it can have bad effect on the environment around 30% of climate change on the greenhouse gas. When vegan life is based on plant and green food that make it hard for the environment more than any animal product because when we have for example a lamb most of the time we are having it from a farm that is few miles away from our home or the shop but for a vegan food they are having for example an avocado that have to travelled from other side of the world and that effecting the environment,(EMMA,2018).

For some people vegan life, it’s one of the things that’s help the environment to be in a peter place and its helping us to live and most of them they end up saying that they care about the environment more than anything else and that being vegan is the write things to help the environment. On the other hand, that sound totally wrong because (Janssen,2016) find out in the 2014 study that was taken in Germany and it was for 329 consumers in different vegan supermarket how is following a vegan diet and that was a face to face interview and they ended up with the result 40% of them are going vegan because of the environment relater and 89% how are going vegan because of animal related, and around 69% person are going vegan because of personal and health that means that they care more about animals and how they are killed more than environment related stuff. As they go vegan for the above fact, they also point out as a vegans that they care more often about the environment so that way they choice natural things for food to help the environment and that using natural things is way peter for our life than unnatural things so what they are trying to say that they use natural things in their life because its heather. That sound wrong because It’s not nursery that having everything natural is going to improve our life because we are having unnatural thing all around us that we have to use and as (George, M. n, d) point out that if something is natural it doesn’t mean it’s good or ethical as they say because they use a lot of unnatural things in their life and it all around us we use planes, cars, doors, clothing, building and variety of things that is not natural. So, if they are caring about using natural things vegan life is not the choice at all.

To sum-up vegan life is being worldwide thing and a lot of people are following this type of diet and as we mentioned before the risk that you might go throw while following this kind of diet as well as the health problem. You might not agree with all the point that we have point out but in the end, it all make scene because at the end people agree and disagree, we like to point out that going in a vegan life is the worst of all type of diet and it will not help your health or even the environment so start going in a normal diet that include animal products so you can feel the different and stop harming your health by going natural to plant base. References: Allison, E (16 augest,2016) Going Vegan Isn’t the Most Sustainable Option for Humanity.

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