ven etc. (Williams ; DeMello, 2007). The

ven though these other options would be helpful many scientists do not want to explore them, because they aretime consuming. Some of the other alternatives are vitro (using isolated parts of an animal’s body outside theanimal) tests, human tissue samples and epidemiological studies, these alternatives would help in studying: disease,anatomy, psychology, nutrition, genetic function, drug development, etc. (Williams ; DeMello, 2007). Thealternatives to animal testing may be more time consuming, but in the end they help out billions of animals.The controversy on animal experimentation has been going on since the 18th century.

Many people have beenoutraged by the barbaric treatment of animals in laboratories and have insisted on laws protecting these animals.Many people argue that it is your child or the rat that dies, when in truth the experimentation is not accurate.Billions of dollars have been spent on research, but not enough legitimate progress has been shown. Animalresearch is outrageous and a complete waste of time, it should immediately be outlawed.

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