Venezuela generating more opportunity of employment and

Venezuela is one of the most beautiful country in the world with its beautiful paradise and natural resources as the oil that at one point was the leader distributer in Latin America. Also, Venezuela’s weather is tropical which allows to plant vegetables and grow trees during the whole year. Venezuela used to receive a lot of foreign people who visit the beautiful places as the beaches, The cordillera Andina the biggest Cordillera in Latin America, the Medanos of Coro beautiful desert very alike to the Egypt’s desert which was generating more opportunity of employment and evolution of the economy.

Venezuela has to offer all of this, but in the last couple of years their economy has gotten worse and the new president has made it harder to live there. Even though, I am from Venezuela and I love my country, at the moment I would recommend for people to leave Venezuela and immigrate into another country. Everything started since President Hugo Chaves Frias, Venezuela army and Lieutenant Colonel who was elected in 1998 became the President of Venezuela in 1999. He remained president till 2013, where he died. He had the ideology of a socialism country where everyone should be the same following the adoption of a new constitution.

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Chavez focused on enacting social reforms as a part of the Bolivarian Revolution during his time as a president.


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