Very running street schools, I am trying

Very determined learner, Social and diligent – I am an outstanding student, national talent scholarship achiever and one of the top students throughout my academic career.

I have a passion to bring change in the world by becoming a successful entrepreneur. Having the poor family background, financial issues bound me but I never surrendered. I studied on scholarships from 5th grade and got full fee scholarship at the intermediate level. I have been passionate about community service from school days. From collecting charity for Orphanages to blood donation drives and running street schools, I am trying to contribute to my community as much as possible. Serving people has taught me the importance of empathy in one’s life.

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Becoming an emerging leader with good communication skills and starting my own venture to do something for society are my goals. I hope to create a positive impact in the society with my skills and abilities. Being a very friendly person, I love to make new connections, explore newer horizons and interact with people from various cultures.    I think people are destined to do certain things in life, we only need to look back at their childhood, and see what they enjoyed to do back when they did not have the pressure to do other things. From my childhood, I have always been fascinated by the skyscrapers, buildings, and stadiums, bridges, railways and tunnels. I always wanted to be one of the creators of those marvelous structures without knowing that they are called “Civil Engineers”.

Durig my early stages of school, I decided to study Pre-Engineering in the college so that I could fulfill my childhood dreams of becoming a Civil Engineer. Now as a young adult it’s time to choose a career that involves my interests. For the past three years, I have spent my days planning for what I wanted to do the rest of my life and looking for a way to get there.    I always wanted to study abroad but due to financial issues I am not able to study where I wanted, then I found information about Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship and after considerable research on the internet, it became self-evident that Stipendium Hungaricum is, owing to the following reasons, the best fit for my interests and prospective career.

This opportunity will help me to pursue my dream of getting higher education from a foreign country without being a burden on my parents. Moreover, Hungary’s rich and diverse culture of centuries will definitely help me to gain some insight into global cultures and concerns from a whole new perspective. I would love to be amongst thousands of international students from all over the world because it is a great possibility to broaden my horizons and get in touch with people on an international scale.     I am fully confident that my early passion for Civil Engineering and my determination qualifies me as a good candidate for Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship.

I am all aware that best preparation is needed in order to create masterpieces, and that is why I desire to receive my education from Hungary. I will work hard in order to achieve my goals and to be with the greatest in the industry. I know this will be hard, but I have learned from the greatest that hard work pays off. I am excited about the future.

As I write this essay, I cannot help, but to think about the great things that Stipendium Hungaricum will help me to achieve.  


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