Victor New York City, Manhattan on January

Victor YuSeptember 18, 2018Global History BAutobiography My name is Victor Yu and I am currently 14 years old. My parents and my sister were born in Guangzhou, China. On the other hand, I was born here in New York City, Manhattan on January 15, 2004 on a cold and harsh winter, according to my mother. Since my parents are immigrants, English was not my first language I spoke. The first language I spoke was Cantonese a language I usually speak at home or when I talking to my parents.

As previously said, I speak more than one language specifically, Cantonese. I personally do not remember how I learnt to speak Cantonese, but I am fluent with Cantonese. Growing up, I would say that I had a normal childhood because there were many ups and downs. For example, around when I was four or five years old, I was in the park playing around. Then, I vividly remember crying and running to my father.

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He picks me up and comforts me and then tries to explain that the dog got the wrong message and must have thought that I wanted to play with it. This event really traumatized me because it made me really scared of big dogs. It took me several years to get over this event and the fear of dogs. One great memory from my childhood would be my first time traveling and going on a plane to Taiwan and Hong Kong. This made me see parts of the world I have never seen and experience foods that I have never eaten. The most influential in raising me would probably be my mother because she is the one who I always go to when I am going through a hard time and is always there to support and love me no matter what. She is also the one who always the one to tell me what is usually wrong and what is right.

My mother also tries to always give me tips and advice when I am going through a hard time and will always there for my best and worst parts of my life. The education I received in primary and middle school was great, because my school prepared me all the academic skills and courses that were going to be in high school. For example, this year I am taking biology, a class I took in sixth grade.

So many of the materials we talk about in biology is understandable to me for the most part. But, there is still a lot I may not know previously that I might learn in Biology this year. For both primary and middle school, I had two separate best friends for each school. In primary school, I had a best friend named Matthew. He was an Asian kid who was known for his short height and his mischievous behavior. Matthew had small bangs, similar hairstyle to the one I currently have. We both loved Pokémon and would always spend our time together talking about Pokémon and how many cards we had or how Pokémon was the greatest thing in the world. Our friendship sadly drifted apart by the end third grade and by fourth grade we stopped hanging out together because we were in different classes and I would soon transfer after fourth grade.

In middle school, I soon made a best friend named Cameron. He was an African American who also had a lot in common with me. Cameron was also relatively short for his age and did not like it when people teased him about his size. He watched a lot of the shows I would watch, and we would always crack jokes and talk about shows that I needed to watch and I would also tell him about manga that he needed to read or shows he needed to see. The most important thing in high school is to pay attention in class, turn in my work on time, study and prepare my self for quizzes and tests, and portray myself in an appropriate manner in front of teachers and administrators. If I had won the lottery and never had to work a day in my life, I would spend my money wisely. I would give some to my parents and set a limit to how much I would spend each month.

For instance, I would only allow myself to spend $5000 each month and send $5000 to my parents either monthly or weekly. I would give a bit of my money to charity, travel around the world, eat food I have never tried, and see what the rest of the world is like. I usually must practice piano as soon as I get a bit of free time, but after that I watch movies, read manga, play some videogames. If I had more free time, I would try and work on projects that I have not started on and watch some more anime or movies.


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