Violence Even in Korea, every three day, there

Violence can create mental health concerns in students. After an incidence of violence, many students feeling fearful of other students and they do not want to go to school. These fears can lead to more serious conditions like depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and the ability to form secure attachments (Michele Meleen, 2014). Even in Korea, every three day, there is a student suicide (Jeon Jeong-yoon, 2014). “Park Han-wool, a 17 years old high school student, said he has been bullied for the past six years. He has been isolated from other classmates, beaten during school trips and locked up in the classroom. “I wanted to tell people about it. I did tell my parents, but they didn’t take it seriously thinking it was an issue between friends,” he said. The bullying became so bad that Park tried to jump from his school building in front of his teachers, but he was stopped by the police.” (CNN,2018).
4.0 Possible Solutions to Prevent School Violence
How to prevent school violence is being a serious problem for both school and families.
4.1 Schools
Firstly, schools should set strong disciplinary measures which perpetrators of the act will face if students fail to abide by the school’s rules and regulations. There should create a safe, supportive school climate by up-to-date security measures in schools to ensure that students are properly do not bring any kind of weapon before entering the school. Schools also should encourage students to take responsibility for their part in maintaining safe school environments, including student participation in safety planning. Students should be counselled on anger-management, conflict resolution, character development and other topics that will help to deal with the psychological issues associated with school violence. School should teach students alternatives to violence including peaceful conflict resolution and positive interpersonal relationship skills. The biggest reason for difficulty reporting the occurrence of school violence was found to be fear of reprisal, so appropriate protection for whistle-blowers needs to be ensured. Schools need to create anonymous reporting systems to maintain identity secrecy of the victim students and whistle-blowers.
4.2 Families
Parents and guardians have a key role to play as they should ensure that the environment at home, where the child is nurtured is violent-free. Adults should bear in mind that teenagers are impressionable and they tend to adopt their behavior standards from what is obtainable in their households so parents should spend time to talk with their children and help them to solve their problem. Effective communication between parents and their children will help reduce some of the perceived pressures which cause students to act violently. They also need to follow their children and their relationships to guide them go to the right way get far away from bad people and violence. Parents may also seek professional advice regarding the type of video games and television programs that children should be exposed to.


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