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Violence EvaluationEvery human being is different but all have an inclination toward violence because we came from a caveman generation but we also have an inclination to control ourselves and not hurt other people. The violence comes from many years ago, because we react in a wrong way when something is not doing in the way that we want. Violence is physical, verbal, and emotional abuse that harms other and cause a big damage to their lives. Violence can occur in children, young people and adults all over the world. In the United States we hear about violence but is not the as much as in Latin America. In this essay I am going to evaluate the violence in the united states and Latin America. First of all, in the United States there is an approximately 10 % of the population who suffer domestic violence and it can occur in both opposite-sex and same-sex relationships. Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between the age of fifteen and sixty in the United States, more than car accidents, mugging, and rapes combined.

Most people women who are going through this situation decided to denounce the person who is attacking them. The person who decides to denounce a case of violence they do it because they found the support of the family and authorities. The authorities have more control in this situation because they defend the rights of others.

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The difficult step that the victims need to take it is really difficult for the victim because they need to pass from a prosses that they need to be understood that is not their fault because many women thought that they deserved it.Second, there are a lot of myths about domestic violence that we can hear everywhere. A lot of people tend to think that if they have a high status or they have an education they cannot be victims of violence but this is not true because violence does not respect social class or if you are rich or poor. A violence person can hurt a victim by physically, verbal and emotional. The reality is that the aggressor has the tendency of hiding the way of being and showing others people that he or she is a good person.

Most of the aggressor are like that because the sew in their house violence and the grown thinking that violence is normal and they can hit a woman. In this case the United States they do not allow someone hitting a woman if there is the case the person who is the aggressor went to jail.Three, the region of Latin America is characterized by having the greeted rates of violence because is common to hear on television about violence and that someone died from domestic violence. Most of the cases the police did not find a lot of proves to send the aggressor to jail. Domestic violence in Latin America is really common that no one wants to talk about this topic and the school or the government try to avoid this situation.

Something very common in a Hispanic home is that men from small age are educated in the idea that they are the owners of the house and the women spend doing a second role which has to listen to the order of a man. The Latin woman is not so brave as to denounce her aggressor since they grew up in a violent home and think it is normal and that happens to generation after generation. Many women do not leave that kind of environment for fear of being alone or what other people say.Next, the effects of domestic violence are very serious.

The shame of the victims and the fear of causing reprisals on the part of the aggressor, cause that these crimes are often not denounced or even not recognized as such by those who suffer or who commit. violence brings more violence and this is true because if a kid sees someone hitting a family member he or she is going to grow up thinking that you can resolve a problem by fitting. A very common case is domestic violence that this is passing through generation because nobody put a stop to this situation. Many women are guilty that their children are violent because in their home there is not equality of gender. Girls who see this situation in their family are not prone to this happening to them since they know how to distinguish a violent man. We cannot forget that if a Latin woman does not denounce is aggressor is because she does not have any family support. In Latin America a lot of organization is still working and fitting for women rights and have equality.

In conclusion, domestic violence is not a unique problem in Latin America or the United States is a worldwide problem. The difference between the United States and Latin America is quite a bit because in the United States the victims count with the authorities and their family and Latin America they do not have any support. Every woman has the same right to have a free life of violence, both in the public and the private sphere. We can see that in the USA the domestic violence decrees and Latin America increase because a lot of women decided to say something. there are many women around the worlds who suffer domestic violence. It affects all the people in the family. In many cases, violence occurs in the home, and children are present.

I think the prevention of violence must start in schools. Children need to learn that violence in the family is harmful. There are no quick remedies but projects that are being developed in time to stop the violence. The fact that family violence takes places behind closed doors does not mean that it is a secret. Each person has to teach their children that violence is bad and that they never have to hit or hurt a woman, and little by little change this world.


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