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Virtual Reality is an emerging technology which is versatile and connects to many domains such as games, data visualization, etc..However this domain is still in the development state and has a lot of scope. This technology is potent that it opens doors for many new posibilities. This can be extended to augmented reality , immersive reality and mixed reality as well.A frame works as an excellent framework and helps to create vr and ar content easily than using WebGL which might be a little difficult to code.
In summary our game can be considered as a stepping stone for the era of virtual reality games. As the game is built as a web app and technologies such as Aframe and js this can pretty sure run on any modern day browser with a limited hardware for rendering. this uses a technology of PWA which helps us to decrease the size of the data to be stored as space is one of the main constraint in the gaming industry.As Aframe is built upon three.js library which is a JavaScript framework. Being a native js framework it is easy to downloaded on any


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