VOCABULARY application or even a game i.e

VOCABULARY IMPROVING THROUGH ONLINE GAME Abstract : Keyword : Vocabulary, Online game, Gamers, Improving VocabularyINTRODUCTIONVocabulary, as one of the knowledge areas in language, plays a great role for learners in acquiring a language (Cameron, 2001). Harmon, Wood, &Keser, (2009) as well as Linse (2005) all stated that learners’ vocabulary development is an important aspect of their language development. Along with this based on journal LEARNING VOCABULARY THROUGH GAMES ; The Effectiveness of Learning Vocabulary Through Games said that in learning a foreign language, vocabulary plays an important role. It is one element that links the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing all together. In order to communicate well in a foreign language, students should acquire an adequate number of words and should know how to use them accurately. Nowadays there is a lot of innovations which can increase English vocabulary knowledge such as whether it is a technique, application or even a game i.

e Online game that almost favored by all circles, not only a teenager but also an adult whether the employee or even students. Online game itself has many types such as RPG (roleplaying game), Card game etc.. Through these games which pretty famous in all gamers circle especially teenager or students, it should have helped them to acquire the vocabulary yet in fact there is still a lot of gamers who is only play the game just fo having fun and to level up so they ignore the meaning of words or vocabulary on the games or even they just guess the meaning. Especially they can cheating or peek on the next steps that they have to do through internet either it would be the video or text that contain the next steps they must do. Therefore this aim study is to proof does imrprove the vocabulary can get through online game. This study also attempt to answer the following two research questions : 1) Does the online game can improve gamer’ vocabulary? 2) What is gamers’ perception on improve the vocabulary through online game? LITERATURE REVIEWGamesJapT, et.

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al (2013) in journal said that online game is an increasingly popular source of entertainment for all ages, particularly on teeanager circle untill those games are commonly found on every students’s phone where they do not play only on phone but also can play it on PC (personal computer). The following text below are the types of online game quoted from (https://www.digitaledge.org/different-types-of-online-games-discussed/) 1) Action and adventure gameThis is one of the most popular genres in online gaming. This type consists of various games like fighting games, situational games, adventure games, etc. where the main aim of the game is to achieve the target or fulfil some objectives.

2) Casino gameThis is one of the most popular types of game in online gaming world and played by millions of players across the globe. You can play casino online with real cash without having to go to a real casino and experience the same thrill and excitement.3) Shooting gameJust target you enemy and shoot. You can kill people, animals, terrorists and whoever you want to shoot. Shooting Games when combined with action and adventure genre results in a perfect online game to be played.4) Racing gameCar racing and bike racing games are the first choices among online game lovers. The gaming technology and area has become so vast that now you can even play jet racing and rocket racing games5) Strategy gameOnline Games also consist of games that involve the use of a brain.

These types of games are usually loved by gamers who believe in the power of brain rather than the strength of the muscles. Strategy games have got their own gamers community and the craze for them is as much equal as any other category6) Roleplaying gameThere are various games that are based on a character or a story. Although, the storyline of the game is known to everyone, still these type of games offers a unique experience of getting into shoes of a character. These types of games are usually inspired from movies or books and in rare cases, the game are inspired by a real life person or a story7) Mass Multiplayer gameThere are normal games and then there are multiplayer games. In normal games, you are all alone and in multiplayer games you compete with few other gamers.

But, in mass multiplayer games there are hundreds and thousands of players playing the same game at the same time. Even global contests are organised for mass multiplayer games and gamers from different corners of the world participate in it.8) Arcade and Board game The beauty of these games is that they are easy to play, but a lot is dependent on the luck. A single step or a roll can change the entire course of the game.VocabularyKamil & Hiebert (2005) stated that vocabulary is generically defined as the knowledge of words and word meanings. More specifically, we use vocabulary to refer to the kind of words that students must know to read increasingly demanding text with comprehension. Traditionally, L2 vocabulary knowledge has been regarded as consisting of two types: (a) receptive (or ‘passive’) knowledge, where learners recognise and understand words when they come across them, and (b) productive (or ‘active’) knowledge, where learners are able to use words in speaking and writing, with correct control of collocation, register and word-grammar.

It is assumed that, for most learners, receptive vocabulary is considerably larger than productive vocabulary. IMPROVING VOCABULARY THROUGH ONLINE GAMEOnline game does not only used only for fun but also that is used by the gamers as to learn English, more spesifically to gain a new word through games’ feature when they played to improve their vocabulary. According to Fogg (2002), motivation and ability alone are not enough; a ‘trigger’, which is like a call for action, is also required so as to tell the user to achieve a certain behavior. Based on journal Use Gamification in Vocabulary learning : A Case Study in Macau stated that Players must successfully complete one level before moving on to the next level. The rewards obtained for each level provide constant motivation and also develop players’ skills at the same time. If the gamers play in order to level up they would play the game continually so indirectly they would also looking for the translation one by one of the word to find out its meaning where it helps them to step up on the next level while on the other hand the gamers just gain a new vocabulary passively where they just ‘receive’ the words through the game. METHODOLOGYParticipantsParticipants who involved in this research were five persons who are the gamers. They are four males and 1 female with the different education background and majors namely English Education major and English Literature major.

For three males and 1 female are from the same university and major which is English Education on 7th semester and for other one male is from a different university and major which is English Literature on 1st semester. The age of participants is approximately from 19 years old untill 23 years old. The data was conducted at the random place and time where it adjust the participants. Thus it took in once with each of participants with using a five question of unstructured interview and thirty items of test. First they are asked to fill on the test which it is arranged of 30 questions. The instruction of the test is translated the words that ususally found on the online game, from English to Bahasa and Bahasa to English with each of part are consists of 15 questions. Figure 1.

1 ENG – IND IND – ENG 1. Steam 1. Mengikuti 2. Level 2. Peta 3. Support 3. Menandakan 4. Equipment 4.

Tim 5. Imbalance 5. Klik 6.

Empire 6. Misi 7. Player 7. Terbunuh8. Slain 8. Menang 9. Storage 9. Rretribusi 10.

Attack 10. Inventaris 11. Clan 11. Kemampuan 12. Item 12.

Petualangan 13. Nearby 13. Menyerang 14.

Outfit 14. Efek 15. Remove 15. Kerusakan Then the participants were interviewed with five unstructured interview questions afterward. The following figure is the questions. Figure 1.

21. Where do you usually play the online game? in phone or PC? 2. What kind or type of game that you play often?3. Why do you play the game with using English? 4. Does play the online game increase your vocabulary? 5. Is there something else that you learn besides the vocabulary? 6.

What is your perception on using online game to increase the vocabulary knowledge? By those questions above, question no 1 and 2 are about what kind of game the gamers play and where do they play; question no 3 is about their reason why do play game using English; question no 4 and 5 are about does the online game affect their increased vocabulary words, what do they learn beside vocabulary and do they only learn about vocabulary; question no 6 is about gamers’ perception on improving vocabulary knowledge through online game. Finally data would be analyzed with using qualitative method afterall. RESULT TestThe following table below are the representation of test which already filled by the participants. Here are two tables with 15 questions in each of table, English to Indonesia language and Indonesia to English language. Table 1. English to Indonesia ENGLISH – INDONESIA Question P. 1 P. 2 P.

3 P. 4 P. 5 Steam – Tempat pencurian Tempat membeli game Steam Tenaga Level Tingkat Tingkat Tingkat Tingkatan Tingkat Support Mendukung/ pendukung Mendukung Bantuan Penolong Penolong / pembantu Equipment Perlengkapan Peralatan Peralatan/perlengkapan Perlengkapan Barang Imbalance Tidak seimbang Tidak seimbang Ketidakseimbangan Tidak seimbang Imbalan Empire Kerajaan Menara Kekaisaran Kerajaan Kekaisaran Player Pemain Pemain Pemain Pemain Pemain Slain Mengalahkan Terbunuh Terbunuh Membunuh Terbunuh Storage Penyimpanan Penyimpanan Penyimpanan Penyimpanan Penyimpanan Attack Menyerang Menyerang Menyerang Serang Menyerang Clan Klan/kelompok Grup Marga/suku/kaum Perkumpulan Kelompok Item Barang Unit Benda Barang Macam-macam barang Nearby Dekat Terdekat Terdekat Dekat Terdekat Outfit Pakaian Pakaian Pakaian/kostum Pakaian Pakaian Remove Membuang Menghapus Menyingkirkan Memindahkan Dihapus TOTAL OF INCORRECT 1 1 0 1 1On the Table 1 it is the translation word from English to Indonesia where the participants filled. It could be looked at the total of incorrect that all of them has incorrect score when translated it.

The reason why it just counted from the incorrect one is to find out is there still a lack of their vocabulary easier as though on table above that each of them just got one mistake on translating except for P.3 who got no mistake. P.

1 did a mistake on steam word where he didn’t fill it, P.2 on word empire, P.4 on word steam where he filled it wrongly, P.5 on word imbalance. Table 2. Indonesia to EnglishINDONESIA – ENGLISH Question P.

1 P. 2 P. 3 P.

4 P. 5 Mengikuti Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow Peta Map Map Map Map Map Menandakan Claim Mark Mark Mark Determine Tim Perlengkapan Peralatan Peralatan/perlengkapan Perlengkapan Barang Klik Click Click Click Click Click Misi Mission Mission Mission Mission Mission Terbunuh Killed Killed Slain/killed Killed Killed Menang Win Win Win Victory Victory Retribusi Retribute Retribution Retribution Retribution Retribution Inventaris Inventory Inventory Inventory Inventory Inventory Kemampuan Skill Ability Skills Ability Ability Petualangan Journey Adventure Adeventure Adventure Adventure Menyerang Attack Attack Attack Attack Attack Efek Effect Effect Effect Effect Effect Kerusakan Crush Damage Damage Destruction Damage TOTAL OF INCORRECT 1 0 0 0 0While on the Table 2 where the instruction was translate from English to Indonesia almost all of them has no mistake and got 0 score on total of incorrect except for P.1 who got mistake on word petualangan which he filled it with journey but overall was correct. There is also some words which each of participants has different meaning like word terbunuh with answer (slain, killed), kemenangan with the answer (vitory, win), kemampuan with answer (ability, skill). Interview The text below is the result of interview which has been written on 3rd viewpoint. 1. Where do you usually play the online game? in phone or PC? P.

1 : on phone”P.2 : on PCP.3 : on phoneP.

4 : on PCP.5: on Phone 2. What kind or type of game that you play often?P.1 : RPG (roleplay game)P.2 : VPS (Virtuap private server)P.

3 : Card game and RPG P.4 : Strategy game and RPG P.5 : Puzzle game and rank game3. Why do you play the game with using English? P.1 : he likes English and he said that it can increase the vocabularyP.2 : because the game just formed in English mode so he just follow titP.3 : same with P.

2 she just follow the mode and also said that it can increase the vocabularyP.4 : because he get use to it and said that it would be complicated if using Bahasa when play gameP.5 : because from the game he said we can gain a new word for example menang in English is win but on game there is a similar word like victory4. Does play the online game increase your vocabulary? P.

1 : according to him, yes it doesP.2 : he said yes it does but he himself just play game for having fun not to learn vocabulary on the other meaning just focus on the game.P.3 : she said it doesP.4 : quoted from him is absolutely it doesP.5 : yes he said and according to his perception that the gamers can gain a new vocabulary knowledge but sometimes gamers just guess it without searching on dictionary so slowly it can improve the vocabulary. 5. Is there something else that you learn besides the vocabulary? P.

1 : he just learn a vocabularyP.2 : he stated that just learn vocabularyP.3 : she also learn a culture from the game, for example from one of Japan game she played, she learn the culture from there such as the mystical things in Japan and also its myths. P.4 : besides vocabulary he also learn about strategy, teamwork.

P.5 : from the game he said that he can learn pronounciation, in example in Mobile Legend game. on that pretty-famous game there is usually a word which often said by the audio-speaker like “Enemy has been slained”6. What is your perception on using online game to increase the vocabulary knowledge? P.1 : he argued that it is good to learn and improve the vocabulary from online game but still depends on the gamer.

If the gamer just focus on level-up they would not pay attention on the words on that game. P.2 : he said it is good but for them who play for fun just like him maybe wouldn’t tend to the vocabulary but for the gamers who take two things, play and learn it would be better. P.3 : she said it could improve the vocabulary from the game thus it can used to communicate with the foreigners about the game and ask for some tips to go up the level. Moreover the storyline of game also help to improve the vocabulary.

P.4 : he stated that it will be easier to improve vocabulary from the online game because the words will often appear during playing and from that if the gamers curious on the meaning they will search it. P.5 : he said that it is nice to improve the vocabulary from the game but we should be more creative to do ot stuck on one game only but also try another game.


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