Walmart income (SEC, 2018). In 2018, Walmart

Walmart Inc.

is a retail store and e-Commerce giant. The company has over 11,700 stores and many e-Commerce websites in 28 countries under 65 banners (SEC, 2018). Walmart was incorporated in 1969 in Delaware (SEC, 2018).

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It was established by Sam M. Walton. Walmart has since grown immensely and it now boasts of presence in 27 countries. Apart from operating retail stores, e-Commerce has become a significant part in the firm’s growth.Income StatementThe company recorded total revenues amounting to $500,343 million in 2018 an increase from 2017’s $485873 million, and 2016’s 482,130 million.

The total revenues are combination of the revenues from net sales, membership and other income (SEC, 2018). In 2018, Walmart had total operating, selling, general, and administrative expenses amounting to $106,510 million. This figure increased from $101,853 million in 2017 and $97, 041 million in 2016 (SEC, 2018). The costs of sales were $373,396 million in 2018 up from $361,256 million in 2017 and $360, 984 million in 2016.

The firm’s operating income was down to $20, 437 million in 2018 from $22,764 million in 2017 and $24,105 million in 2016.


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