Washington’s totaling eight years. This letter starts out

Washington’s Farewell Address Analysis
Andrea Rios
GOVT 200-S02
Prof. Krause
September 24, 2018
Washington’s Farewell Address was a public letter issued in 1796 that was first drafted by James Madison and then Hamilton. However, Washington gave it his final edit in this 32-page letter he wrote out. In this letter, Washington warned against domestic affairs with foreign influence and American taking sides in European affairs. He warned against political parties of factions and called for American to remain united and serve the common good of the nation. He warned American to stay free of foreign entanglements stating that the United States must concentrate first and foremost on American interests above all. Washington understood the importance of trade and commerce with different nations, however he warned against getting involved in any European wars or developing any long-term entangling alliances. This letter remains as one of America’s most influential statements on political values.
George Washington’s Farewell Address was a letter written to address the people of the United States since he was getting ready to retire. Washington had served as president for two consecutive terms totaling eight years. This letter starts out by thanking all the citizens for supporting him during his time in presidency. Although, Washington was very pleased to be retiring he had several warnings to the American citizens as well as the American politicians. He warned against sectionalism and the political parties that would destroy the unity that the country had already established and developed. Nevertheless, he warns against making selfish changes to the government that would have a long-term effect based on a small decision. However, amongst them all his biggest concern was getting involved in any foreign entanglements or getting involved in any foreign wars. Washington goes on to emphasize the importance of remaining united; therefore, not becoming vulnerable to other nations that may try to revolt against their country.
George Washington made sure to speak of many topics. However, his focus was to remain united and stay away from foreign affairs. He reminded the people that being an American and patriotism was much more important than the disagreements that the country would endure. He knew that at some point the country would rise to be a great nation and it needed the government to help make it strong. However, many people would want to form their own political parties dividing the nation. It would be at his point that the nation would be weakened. Other countries would take advantage of it and use any party they could at this point to inflict division amongst themselves leaving them with the opportunity to take over. He warned about those power-hungry individuals that would stop at nothing to gain power and then burn any bridge just, so they could obtain that power. Washington advised the American citizens that the only way to prosper economically and politically was to remain united. However, for whatever reason there needed to be a change made to the government he pleaded with them to considering using the amendment process to make any changes in government. Washington valued having peace in American that he advised the amendment rather than starting any political or civil war. Therefore, Washington advised to remain neutral in the war against Brittan and France. He did not feel the need to be involved in another country’s war when they were a new country starting out. You can read how he urges the nation to not get involved in any foreign affairs and worry about themselves and the country’s unity before anything.

Washington’s Farewell Address is a document that people can reference to and see how much our government has changed. Although, Washington warned about many of these changes; we can see that it still happened. Today we have many political parties. We are involved in many foreign wars and affairs. The unity of this country stands only when catastrophe strikes. The government does not have a Christian-founded base as it used to. It is sad to say but Washington’s Address warned about the very things that is happening in today’s world.

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