Waste Management in Developing Countries In developing countries

Waste Management in Developing CountriesIn developing countries economies in conversion, waste management often beginning as a problem that endangers human health and the environment. To make matters worse, waste management usually has a low priority on the political agenda of such countries, as they are struggling with other important issues such as hunger, health problems, water shortages, unemployment and even civil war.

In such situations, it is easy to understand why waste problems have a tendency to grow steadily. In the developing world, millions of people are living without a waste management system. First, to improving this situation is to work out a phased technical and legal framework for waste management and then start the collection and disposal process, with the objective of continuously humanizing the system.In developing countries, uncontrolled landfills are still a huge danger for the surrounding environment and health risk to the population, causing contamination of the drinking water and soil.

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Thus, solid waste management has become an issue of concern for public health and environmental protection agencies in many developing countries. There are also large differences in the waste management standards of developed countries and the gap is even greater between developed and developing countries. The waste produced by human settlements and the resulting problems are mainly the same but there are differences between regions and locations due to variables such as climatic, cultural, industrial, geological, legal and environmental factors.

The waste management systems in different developing countries vary considerably and in some cases are practically imaginary conditions.


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