We home. To some of us, being away

We all have different reasons for setting out and moving to a new country. The effects in the first few years, however, are somewhat similar to everyone – -?social acceptance and self-validation.

There is always a personal disorientation that we feel when experiencing an unfamiliar way of life because of immigration or moving to a different social environment.?Changes are not always easy and it is necessary to keep an open mind to accept the new culture and traditions of the country we are in. Over time we start to settle in a routine that we assume as our regular life, then we start to miss everything we left behind: Our friends, our families, the food, our home. To some of us, being away from everything and everyone that we have grown up with can be heartbreaking. We don’t openly share this conflict and struggle we feel especially with our loved ones. We?keep these things inside until they explode in a destructive way than if we approach them with honesty.?For every light, there is darkness. For every bit of hope, there is doubt.

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For every sound of laughter, a teardrop falls. This is the story of two photographers who came from different cultures in a bid to settle and find a foothold in a new country very much different to their own. Their craft lead them to each other and now share the same journey in finding acceptance and a place to call home.


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