We he or she is living in society

We all live in the life where a society is one of the most important things. We can’t live without a society, because without a society we won’t have any improvements, relations and so on. Everything that people do leads to a good or bad change in a society, so let me write about personal experiences and public issues.
The biography of a human closely connects with the history of society, because he or she is living in society and effects to it. In the past, one decision could change the quality of society. For example, in world wars the decision of leaders effected on lives of people. The mind of society changed more than the earlier. People started to thinking about militaries, war and etc. In every time, changes were different from each other. Sociological imagination studies the behavior of humans, and society in micro and macro levels. To understand the somebody’s personal experiences, we need to look it widely with economical, political and issues of other person. The main idea to identify the society by comparing lives of simple people. Popular American sociologist Charles Wright Mills believed that to understand certain socio-cultural realities, people’s attitude to life and behavior towards them, sociologists can’t enough tell about the postulates of the theory. Actually, all of us in one way with sociologists. We place others on a scale of prestige, social status, level of education and dividing people to poor and rich and so on. We can easily define the social status of everybody. Before saying something about a person or putting her/his on a social scale, we need to improve our sociological imagination.
Our actions can cause to significant changes. Actions can be good or bad, so they effect to a society same. The main thing that we need to do is don’t confuse personal experiences and public issues. Good personal experiences such as studying abroad, but working in own country, keep clean the environment and etc. are helpful to build a good society. But like other things, personal actions can be trouble. For example, nowadays people ,even teenagers, drink alcohol. As I know, it is an own problem. But if 35 percent of people drink alcohol, it is a public issue. Drinking alcohol leads to such problems as unemployment, mutagenic processes in pregnant women, after that it leads to some diseases in children and some criminalities like violence at home, bullying and like this.
From my point of view, it is hard to link to macro and micro level, but anywhere we need to explain people about the importance of it. Everybody needs to follow the rules, and live in a peace. To be effective, we have to do:
•To be effective, sociology must make a connection between the individual and the social.
•Cannot understand individual life (biography) or history of society without both (e.g. industrialization peasant becomes worker, war fatherless child)
•History that now affects every man is “merely history.”
•Very shaping of history outpaces man’s ability to orient themselves to cherished values.
•Men feel like private lives are traps because they are bounded by private orbits in which they live and don’t recognize the impersonal changes in societies that affect them.
•Sociological imagination needs to use information and develop reason to figure out what is going on in the world and thus within oneself
.•Sociological imagination allows possessor to understand larger historical scene in terms of a meaning for inner life and external career of a variety of individual.
In my opinion, the opinion of Charles Wright Mills is right. We need to start from small things, to reach big things.


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