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We all need a role model to look up to. A role model can be anyone you have met or know about; role models can make you strive to be exactly like them or to reach your own goals. The film ‘The Blindside’ has many examples of amazing role models, these people include the entire Tuohy family especially Leigh-Anne and S.

J. and Michael Oher who is the main character in the film. ‘The Blindside’ is a film that is appropriate for all ages despite the amount of bad language, sexual themes and drug use, however it is at a parent’s discretion to choose to allow young children to watch this film.’The Blindside’ is a film based on a novel by Michael Lewis about the true events and upbringing of football star Michael Oher. The film is almost an exact replica of the life of Michael, even down to the photos the real Tuohy family took after accepting Michael into their home and life.

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The film begins with Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron) being accepted into Wingate Christian School purely for his sports talents by Coach Cotton (Ray McKinnon), it later moves onto Michael being seen by Liegh Anne (Sandra Bullock) before school heading to the school gym to sleep for the night as he is homeless after running away from his drug abusing mother and the terrible neighborhood that he lived in previously, the Tuohy family then decides to take him in and help him with his bad grades.’The Blindside’ features many good examples of role models. These include Leigh Anne Tuohy and Michael Oher.

Lisa Anne is a good role model because she is a loving, caring and selfless person however she can have a short temper and solves everything herself no matter how bad it is an example of Leigh Anne’s’ role model like qualities is when she adopts Michael as his legal guardian because of his hardships, Michael is also a good example of a good role model because of his selfless and protective nature this can be seen when the way Leigh Anne teaches him to play defense in football is to tell him to think of his team as his adopted family, this helps him instantly making him better at defending the quarterback and the rest of his team.Therefor the film ‘The Blindside’ is an incredible movie for all ages to teach them these role model like qualities and skills to help them in the real world. The movie can also be used to help kids struggling with their schooling because it shows that there are people out there that can and will help them if the ask for the assistance. This movie is an 8/10-star rating because of the amount of real and exciting events that will keep you watching however, it might take a while to get interesting to some audiences.


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