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We conducted an interview with 2 employees of PropTiger to know about the HR policies of the company and observed some ways in which we can help them improve the policies and become more effective.Suggestion for Improvements:1. The company currently does not use HR Analytics. It should start using HR Analytics as it would be very helpful for the company in the long run and help in saving costs. HR Analytics would also help in turnover prediction , risk management and talent forecasting.2.

The company should also start having a HR Audit to review current human resource policies, procedures, documentations and systems as human as a resource are constantly changing, so there is a need to improve and enhance the HR functions and policies from time to time so that the company complies with ever changing rules and regulations. For the same, the company can use the help of its official audit partner.3. The company follows an appraisal system under which the employees have a mid-year and yearly appraisal cycle. Instead of this, the company should move to quarterly appraisal system as it would enable real time feedback and cut down the recency effect of appraisal.4.

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The company should also have 360 degree system of appraisal. This would enable the employees to get a feedback from their the highest level of management to the lowest level of management. Currently the company follows appraisal system where the superiors rate the subordinates. If the company moves to 360 degree system it will have many benefits which were not there before like: increased control over the careers, improved self-perception of performance and many more.

5. The company has a attrition rate according to the industry standard and are currently not taking any measures to reduce it. However, the company must plan to reduce the attrition rate to below the industry standard. The same can be done by following the equity theory especially external equity..

Here, the HR Department can compare the salaries of the employee of their company and compare it to the job’s pay rate in other similar companies.6. The company organises various classroom training sessions for its employees. Instead of focusing only on classroom sessions, the company can also follow the training techniques of Behaviour Modelling which is a very effective psychologically based training intervention. This would enable the sales people to understand how to interact with the prospective customers in an efficient way and how to deal with any difficulties during the course of the sale process. 7.

The company has a diverse culture which at times leads to conflicts between the employees in the team. The HR has identified this as a major challenge that he faces. However, to avoid such situations, diverse teams need to be formed from the starting to avoid the future conflicts. Working together will make the diverse workforce respect the skills and working style of all the employees irrespective of the background.Appendix 1For the purpose of our project, we have chosen the company PropTiger, which is a real estate advisor with a Pan Indian presence. It aims to utilise its vast knowledge of the real estate to help those looking to buy property in India.

As part of the project we have chosen to interview Mr. Anuj Goel, Associate Director – HR and Mr. Umang Madan, Deputy Manager.About the company: PropTiger is a real estate firm founded in February 2011 with the main aim of helping customer in the whole process of buying a home including search, property identification, price negotiation, documentation, home loan facilitation and post sales services.

PropTiger also provides real estate consulting and data services to real estate developers, private equity investors and banks. PropTiger is owned by Singapore Based Elara Technologies Pte Ltd. The company’s website states its vision as “Delivering trustworthy experiences that you cherish for a lifetime”. When you open the “Culture” page of the company, we are welcomed with a tagline of “Let’s make the world a better place”. The page then goes on to talk about the work values followed in the company namely:1.

Excellence2. Ownership3. Respect4.

Boundarylessness5. Innovation6. Trust and IntegrityThe same can be seen in the snippets below: The page further goes on to talk about the Employee Testimonials where we can see the employees praising the work culture and various opportunities that they have got while working at the company and how it led to their growth both professionally and personally.

Appendix 2Interviewee DetailsHR PersonnelName: Anuj GoelDesignation: Associate Director – HR Age: 33Experience: 8+ years Experience in Current Organisation: 3¬¬¬¬ yearsEducational Qualifications: MBA – ICFAI Hyderabad Non HR PersonnelName: Umang Madan Designation: Deputy Manager Age: 29Experience: 7 yearsExperience in Current Organisation: 4 years Educational Qualifications: Graduate Appendix 3Interview excerpts (HR employee):We first interviewed the HR Director for the company. The interview was a very interactive session and we learned a lot about the policies and culture of the company. We started by asking about the organisation size and the same was revealed to be around 1500 employees across 9 cities. The company mainly follows the recruitment procedure of searching for the jobs through job portals and social networking sites.

According to Mr. Anuj, the HR policies are employee friendly and promote autonomy and productivity . The HR department tries to turn policies into practices. The company follows a Great Places to Work Model of engagement which has 16 people practices that impact people experience on a day to day basis. The company also organises a plethora of activities for team building that includes training interventions, cross functional engagement, offsites. The company also has a 15 day induction program which focuses on soft landing each and every new joiner. The company follows a mid-year and yearly appraisal cycle through the company’s HRIS system.

The company also provided the employees with flexible work arrangements like the option to work from home. The employees also have other benefits like late evening snacks, unlimited carry forward of leaves and liberal leave policy (30 earned leaves). The policies are in tune with that of a start-up as they require a lot of flexibility. The company has an attrition rate at par with the industry standard. The company also supports professional development and career growth of the employees by having a dedicated L&D team which sits across all the locations across cities. Some of the targets of sales trainers are inter-twined with the performance of their sales team and additionally they focus on developing soft skills like communication, team building and stepping into leadership. The company also has tie-up with external partners for leadership development programs for people managers and looks at exposing the leadership team to MDPs from Ivy colleges. According to Mr.

Anuj, following are the biggest challenges mentioned by the HR :a. Offering customized solutions to a diverse workforce without creating disparity b. Ensuring the right balance of human touch and technology c. Being nimble on feet and create systems, process and practices that link to business needs Overall, on the basis of the interview we can infer that the HR Department has taken various measures to create an employee friendly environment and the policies are in line with the organisation culture as shown in the earlier pages. Mr. Anuj likes working at the organisation as the policies provide him with the autonomy and freedom to design and implement HR Practices and he feels proud to be a part of the start up that has a opportunity to be a part of a start up that has a potential to be an Unicorn in the coming years.Interview Excerpts (Non HR)We got the opportunity to interview the Deputy manager of the company, Mr.

Umang Madan who has been working for the last 4 years in the company. Questions were directed towards the existing HR policies and if he faced any HR related problems in the company.Mr. Umang looked to be happy with the existing HR policies and did not recommend any changes in the same. The company has a fabulous organisational culture and believes in empowering the employees through promotions and recognition. Employees feel motivated as the company believes in incentivising the employees for their work and has culture that enables employees to maintain balance between their personal and professional employees. It is open to receiving feedbacks from the employees which provides them with a sense of belongingness and loyalty. The deputy manager told us about how the company creates and enhances career path for its employees.

There are quarterly town hall, leadership connect sessions and quarterly parties which enhances interpersonal relations of the employees with the top level management.Considering the appraisal system followed by the company, Mr. Umang told us that the appraisal system is very transparent. Goals are set at the beginning of the year, hence the employees are aware of what is expected out of them. Every six months the performance of the employees is assessed and the improvements are done in the areas that obstruct the performance of employee as well as the company. In order to make sure that the teams work effectively in groups, company lays strong focus on people manager developments and uses learning tools like iGrows where employees undertake behavioural training that helps them develop their areas of strengths and areas of improvement. Opportunity is provided to informally connect to other teams to enhance the group dynamics.

Throwing some light on the compensation and incentives, He said that they are provided with good monetary and non-monetary incentives which includes target driven incentives, health insurance policies for parents and birthday & festival gift vouchers. Employees can also participate in different inter organisational activities and get rewarded for the same. The company provides with the facilities of gym, Live kitchen and late night snacks to ensure that the employees working late hours are met with their basic requirements. In addition, as per Mr. Umang, they have flexi timings where they have the liberty to choose the work timings in order to complete the defined working hour along with an option of marking ‘On Duty’ if they are working from home. When asked about the 3 major reasons why he likes working in the organisation, He mentioned Great learning and career opportunities, Engaging & fun culture and great incentives as the major factors that drives him to work for Prop Tiger. He overall looked to be satisfied with the work environment of the company and had barely suggested any changes in the same apart from performance appraisals to be done quarterly.


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